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trainwreck weed seeds

Trainwreck weed seeds
Trainwreck plants can take 8-10 weeks to flower when grown indoors. Yields may reach up to 18 ounces per square meter, making it a popular high yield marijuana seeds.
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There’s also mental stress, which can play havoc on the body. Thankfully, this hybrid is useful for managing mood variances as well. When life feels generally negative, Trainwreck is an effective way to turn that frown upside down. It can also help with focus, for even the most scattered of brains.
Needless to say, train wrecks are hardly very gentle. So, those with a low tolerance should start very slow or opt for something a little lighter. The effects can be felt with a small amount, and overdoing it may leave you a bit dazed, disoriented or confused. There’s also the typical dry eyes and mouth, so be prepared before you consume.
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The best way to describe the experience of Trainwreck is mind-bending. A few puffs, and you’ll feel inspired to create, warm and fuzzy, and generally joyful. It’s like a gentle trainwreck of all things good.
When smoked, you’ll taste a subtle pine needle flavor accented by a sharp lemony aftertaste. The aftertaste is hard to miss, but it’s slowly overtaken by more earthy flavors as you continue to consume. Trainwreck leaves a lasting effect. Its spicy flavor will stick around on your lips and palette, making it easy to continue consuming.
Germination Guarantee – If you follow our germination instructions exactly and your seeds do not germinate, then we will replace them for free. You can choose between an immediate reship, or double the lost seeds on your next order.
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The ILGM Trainwreck Strain contains THC levels that'll hit you with a Sativa freight train effect. Easy growing feminized seeds for guaranteed buds.