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trainwreck cannabis seeds

Trainwreck seeds are the result of breeding Mexican and Thai with Afghani. This cannabis strain has a sativa dominance and a quite strong effect that, as you can guess from the name, feels like a total train hit. Buy Trainwreck seeds online here!

Trainwreck seeds can be cultivated outdoors as well as indoors. This weed has a fast flowering period which results in quite large yields with loads of buds and leaves. This phenotype grows rather tall and thick; it will help if you trim it a little bit so that it will not take over your whole place. These cannabis seeds prefer a hot and dry environment and hate the cold weather. Weed grown from Trainwreck seeds is a high-quality product with an absolutely stunning effect.
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This strong cannabis strain is like God’s blessing for those who suffer from permanent depression or stress, as its effect will make your mind clear and peaceful, your body relaxed and rested. It is also often used as a tool to reduce your level of pain. As many weed strains that have come before, Trainwreck will noticeably boost your appetite; so prepare some food beforehand.
Train wreck is a popular strain, and its reputation has been escalating for a long time. The THC level is 21 percent, the CBD content is at 0.77%. The difficulty of growing this strain’s plants is moderate.
Trainwreck is strong enough to get you high immensely fast. This high will be a happy and pleasant one, some may say, even euphoric. If you are stuck with some ideas of yours, this nice weed will instantly give you a creativity boost. However, proceed with caution as the strain is rather potent and may have a negative effect if used in a large amount.
Trainwreck fills the room with its forest-like aroma with hints of pine and citrus. The taste is quite similar, earthy and woody.
Trainwreck seeds are comparably easy to grow; they turn into nice and wide bushes with a lot of heavy buds covered in resin pretty quickly after being planted.

If you have decided to grow Trainwreck weed seeds inside your house, then you can count on harvesting after 8-9 weeks and getting about 4 oz per ft². Outside grown Trainwreck will reward you with up to a 5 oz per ft² yield. The harvesting time is somewhere in late October.

Trainwreck is a feminized strain with a high yield. Grow difficulty: Easy. Trainwreck is a cross between Afghani, Thai, and Mexican landrace/heirloom. Flowering period 8-10 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to USA, Canada, UK, and Australia.