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totally feminized

I love being my wife’s girlfriend and or sister . It started after our wedding when I became obvious that she was the dominant one in our marriage . She was always the driver in our cars and made all the major decisions . One day she took me shopping and brought ladies pants , jackets , shirts , and sweaters for me in men’s styles . Our friends did not notice much except they said I had a softer look especially after I started wearing my hair and in a short women’s hair style she had a friend style for me . Then she started putting natural makeup on me and calling me Shelley instead of my name . She convinced me to try female hormones because I did not fight her on wearing effeminate ladies versions of men’s styles . I agreed to do this for six months , and to remove by electrolysis my facial hair . Soon after this I had a shoulder length hair style that she would put body waves into with curlers . That is when she bought me lingerie and I started to wear French nails and lip gloss . I was slowly becoming effeminate and one day I was looking at myself in the mirror and realized I simply had lost all my masculinity and was totally effeminate not just metrosexual .
44 months ago (permalink)

Fifi. love your idea of feminization. so exciting. can’t stop thinking about it.
98 months ago (permalink)

That sounds absolutely heavenly, Shelley Roses:
You lucky, LUCKY guy-girl (delete where applicable) . . . .
34 months ago (permalink)

I would love to be totally feminized. I already am a good wife. I do loke Amandas fantasy.
98 months ago (permalink)

Whitesissy. Curious as to how femme you are around her. Has she taken you with a strap on before? I’d love to hear more. Feel free to post or mail me. I’d love to know more about you.
65 months ago (permalink)

Wow. Now that is a big transitioning and also against your will! Sounds scary but exciting at the same time.
44 months ago (permalink)

I ouldn’t mind going through surgey to more feminize my appearance, but would want to keep the famiy jewels, even after they became useless. I would also like to be bimbofied, to be a large greasted, blonde or redhead, with long sexy legs, and willing to show the world.
97 months ago (permalink)

To be forced in to becoming a stunning Bimbo would be the ultimate dream!! but even to have a man to look after as his weekend wife would be really great.
95 months ago (permalink)

maidangela7349: Good luck
29 months ago (permalink)

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