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top 10 stoner songs

Top 10 stoner songs

Now, “Sweet Leaf” is a stoner song with an attitude. Ozzy sure loves his leaf and it can be felt in this great 70’s stoners delight. One of the earliest weed anthems still remains a symbol of the rebellious flower children of the 70’s. A marvel of both guitar play and songwriting, “Sweet Leaf” will never leave you unaffected.

We start our top ten with representing the youngest of stoners with a modern, catchy tune that exudes some strong marijuana swag. The lyrics might not be Grammy material, nor are they supposed to be. It’s a light tune meant to capture the casual and relaxed feeling smoking has on us stoners. The catchy chorus is a courtesy of the gifted Bruno Mars and it his angelic voice, while Wiz and Snoop come in to tell you how they roll. After listening to this catchy tune you will certainly feel incited to roll one yourself, what more is there to ask of a stoner song?
Marijuana has always been enjoyed by musicians and used as a source of musical creation so they’ve made some great songs to honour it. For all you stoners out there in need of some musical inspiration, we bring a top 10 list of stoner songs to get you in the mood for some reefer delight.

“If you don’t like my fire
“Hits from the Bong” is a stoner classic coming from the hit factory that goes by the name of Cypress Hill. The recognizable original beats will leave you with your head bobbing while at the same time you will be getting an invaluable lesson on how to get properly high. While most others on our top list advocate some well-made blunts Cypress Hill takes it to the next level and Hits The Bong!
P.S. There’s a 420 in the title, and that is before 420 was even a thing. Mind blown
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Some may say that Afroman is singing about the pitfalls of excessive weed smoking, but the truth is he just got high! While the songwriting won’t win any awards the simple and relaxed lyrics and singing, paired with a touch of comedy, are highly relatable to many stoners and that explains why the song is on almost all stoner playlists. An added bonus to the famous song is the video that features two of the world’s best-known fictional stoners Jay and Silent BoB!

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Immerse yourself in the world of ganja songwriting in our Top 10 stoner songs list.