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tips for first time smokers

Tips for first time smokers

It’s extra important to stay hydrated if you don’t want your mouth to dry up. Drinking lots of water can also save you from a dry mouth the next day.

It is well known that the first time you try cannabis, you may not get high — especially if smoking is your preferred method of ingestion. This could be for several reasons:
THC interacts with receptors in the brain that regulate emotions, pain, and our sense of smell and taste. It also promotes the release of the hormone ghrelin, which stimulates hunger. Make sure to have your favorite snacks handy or download your preferred food delivery app beforehand so you don’t have to go out anywhere. Remember, it’s illegal to drive high.

The effects of cannabis are something that you build a tolerance to over time. At first, if you get too “high” after one hit, it’s best to ease your way in. Start with a little and at your own pace, then you can increase your dosage. When getting high for the first time, you don’t want to feel uncomfortable. Know your limits and act accordingly.
Consumers have more options than ever thanks to a growing number of legal cannabis retailers. If you’re going to try it for the first time, check out Starbuds or a similar legal cannabis retailer.

  • First, you probably didn’t know what you were doing the first time. It can be a little overwhelming at first. Even if you think you know exactly how to roll a joint, light it, and inhale the right way, it may take some practice to get right.
  • Second, some experts also think there’s a “sensitization period” during which you won’t feel high. The psychoactive compound in cannabis, THC, can cause your brain to increase the amount of cannabinoid receptors available. You may have to wait for your body to create enough receptors in order to feel intoxicating effects.

If you’re about to get try cannabis for the first time, you’ll probably feel tired and lethargic. You can wind up feeling heavy-bodied, so if you’re about to smoke for the first time, make sure you’re in a comfortable environment where you can relax and don’t have to go anywhere. Smoking cannabis is supposed to make you chill out and relax.
As interest in cannabis in Canada continues to grow, and the negative stigma of the plant dies down, more and more people are considering trying marijuana for the first time. Canadians are starting to discover all the benefits of cannabis for both medicinal and recreational use. If you are thinking of trying cannabis for the first time, here are a few things to be aware of.

You can’t get high if you aren’t inhaling. If you don’t feel like you’re getting high, you may not be inhaling properly. Take a deep breath and let the smoke fill your lungs. If your lungs have not been exposed to smoke of any kind before, you may cough, but that is normal. Make sure that you have water close by and continue to hydrate. Anytime you smoke, the receptors on the floor of your mouth temporarily stop producing saliva.

Advice for First Time Smokers – 4 Things to Keep in Mind As interest in cannabis in Canada continues to grow, and the negative stigma of the plant dies down, more and more people are considering

Tips for first time smokers

The most important thing when learning how to smoke weed for the first time is to remember to relax. Return to step number one. Controlling that breath and trying to live in the high rather than fight it will help. However, if the high goes south, you are still safe and okay. Just follow some easy steps to come down softly.

Learning how to smoke weed for the first time requires learning manners. Be gracious if someone has offered you some of their stash. Offer to pay them back in whatever way they’ll accept. Thank them, obviously. You never know when they may offer you this experience again, first-time weed smoker.
Confused about how to hold a J or a blunt? It isn’t a cigarette; try holding it between your thumb and pointer finger near where you take a drag.

Seriously, the weed will make you feel good, first-time weed smoker. But that doesn’t mean you need to start drawing attention to the circle with loud noises, singing, or sudden movement. Just remember to always be cool. Enjoy the high, don’t force it or ruin it for your counterparts in the smoking circle.
Sometimes when learning how to smoke weed for the first time, you just react to feeling. Try to socialize your smoke session and see how it affects your body. Or perhaps enjoy the creative aspects and try producing some new artwork, writing, doing yoga, or playing music. Don’t fight the feeling, embrace and use the high.
For a first-time weed smoker, it’s important that the first time smoking weed, you’re not alone. We’re not saying you need to be babysat, but using the buddy system will help everyone stay safe in the event things go south. A buddy can also guide and influence your high, making it better or worse. For this reason, having multiple people can either be a good or bad thing for your first high. Considering trying it with your family? Just keep in mind the personalities you can and cannot stand while sober. Remember to keep those personalities you can’t stand away or they may sabotage those good feelings and vibes you’ve smoked so hard for.
It’s also wise to know the marijuana you will be enjoying, whether that be an indica or a sativa. If concerned about side effects, it’s important to know before you inhale to understand before you’re dealing with a type of high you didn’t want to experience.
Heads up, first-time weed smoker. Anyone who holds onto something burning and isn’t hitting or passing is liable to be kicked out of the circle. Just remember when learning how to smoke weed for the first time, things burn up quickly. And share, no matter how high you get.

Clueless about smoking weed? Here’s how to make your first time a success.

Clueless about smoking weed? Here's how to make your first time a success.