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When we heard that Buds & Roses Collective in Studio City received a fresh batch of Subcool’s Timewreck, we didn’t hesitate for a second before hopping in the car to get ourselves a taste. Timewreck did not disappoint.

Timewreck is a 70% Sativa strainthat is suited to grow both indoor, and outdoor, with a harvest time of 8-9 weeks. Testers have said that the strain is easy to grow, a very heavy producer, and great against mold & bugs. Timewreck is known to be a taller strain that stretches in the early phases of flowering, and TGA suggests that you top and train the Timewreck into at least 4 top colas.
The rotten fruit smell from the Vortex carries over and is subdued by a very woody (sandalwood), mossy scent. A friend of ours said the Timewreck smells like “kiwis buried in dirt,” I had to agree after he put the thought in my head. The taste was very similar to the smell, like dirty fruit, and we even detected hints of cheese & citrus during exhale.

After a great deal of work, a Vortex male was finally chosen (this is a very difficult process to get the right male) to be crossed with the genetics in Blood Wreck, a strain that Subcool is not partial to, but loves the medicinal effects. The resulting cross is an incredibly stinky hybrid that satisfies both of Subcool’s goals of improving the taste of the Bloodwreck while achieving strong medicinal effects.

“A friend of ours said the Timewreck smells like ‘kiwis buried in dirt.’ Strangely, I had to agree after he put the thought in my head.”

This strain has amazing genetics, so it’s no wonder it turned out the way it did. The Vortex strain is one of Subcool’s signature strains that boasts extremely high potency, large & copious trichromes heads, and a pungent scent of rotten fruit. It was also a cup winner at the 2010 HIGH TIMES Medical Cannabis Cup.
One noteworthy thing about Timewreck is its potency, this strain is definitely not for first timers! The mind numbing effects of Timewreck are definitely the most immediate and prominent. I found myself having to reread text two and three times because I couldn’t keep my mind from wandering. This is one of those strains where you’ll catch yourself staring at something (or absolutely nothing with a blank look on your face) while lost in deep thought.
You would think this time altering quality is how the strain got its name, but as legend has it, the name Timewreck was not originally intended to be the final name for the strain. Dioxide, the creator of the strain, told Subcool that he would come up with a new name before it was released, but never did; probably because he got distracted from smoking the strain! Eventually the cut was passed around the community and the name was here to stay. I’m glad it stuck, I think it suits the strain perfectly.

Aside from the cloudy head high, the effects are energetic at lower dosages coupled by a soaring head high, and very relaxing at higher doses (2-3 bags out of the Vapir Rise vaporizer). Timewreck made time feel like it was going extremely slowly; cooking a simple bacon and eggs breakfast felt like it took two hours.

Timewreck by TGA Subcool Seeds is a cross of Subcool’s newest head stash, Vortex …