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If you have frequented a medical marijuana dispensary or are even slightly familiar with cannabis, then chances are that you have heard of the Haze strain at some point in time. It is highly sought after for its uplifting, sometimes racy effects and has been used as a staple in a number of hybrids.

This batch of the Haze strain tested at 21% tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)with too little cannabidiol (CBD)content to mention. This might lead some to believe that it could cause anxiety, possibly paranoia.
I found that the Haze strain was ideal when I wanted to get lost in my work for a few hours, particularly at night. It seemed to give my brain a pick-me-up, but not so much as to cause the jitters. Those who suffer from chronic stressordepressionmight consider this strain for it’s characteristically high THC content and mellow effects.

“I found this batch of the Haze strain to provide mellow, relaxing effects accompanied by an improved ability to focus.”

“It often takes as as long as 14 weeks of flowering before a batch of haze can be harvested.”

I came across this batch of Haze on my most recent trip to VFL Collective in Burbank, CA. I knew I was in for a pleasant experience when I sniffed the jar and was welcomed with a subtle, smooth aroma. Its scent was nearly identical to the best batches of the Jack Hererstrain – no complaints there.
It famously combined Sativagenetics from Colombia, Mexico, Thailand, and India to highlight the best characteristics of each individual strain. It was developed by a group called “The Haze Brothers” during the 1970’s.”
Despite the uplifting effects for which the Haze strain is known, it can be hard to come by in the US dispensary scene. This is largely due to the the amount of time required for a Haze plant to be ready for harvest. It often takes as as long as 14 weeks of flowering before a batch of haze can be processed. The resulting flowers can be well-worth the wait, however, which is why Haze varieties are still popular in the European cannabis market.

It should be noted that there are a variety of Haze strains, typically referred to by the region from with it originally stems from. Nonetheless, the most famous of these is often referred to as “original haze.”

The Haze Cannabis Strain Is A Classic Sativa