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the cannalytics kit

The cannalytics kit

For breeders, growers, medical cannabis clubs, and consumers alike, the benefits of such a cbd oil test kit are immediately obvious–over and above its ease of use and affordability, CAT promotes harm reduction and the effective use of cannabis.

We are up and operational, though we are still working on some of the pages. Over the next few days, we will be adding more information on the cannabinoid fingerprints, and the testing process.
Refills are now available. After purchasing your original order, you can now purchase the refill supplies, rather than the complete kit. This provides you with extra savings. See our “refills” page for details and pricing.

  • An updated user’s manual, which presents a number of changes in the process for testing and options for results.
  • A single test fluid has now replaced the extraction fluid and a developing fluid combination.
  • The number of TLC plates will be increased to match the number of plates needed to perform full cannabinoid analysis.
  • The plastic pipettes have been replaced with a 1ml – 1/100 glass pipette assembly which allows for a much more accurate measurement.
  • The laminated photocopy sheet for measuring THC%, has been replaced by two transparencies, to allow for more precise comparisons.

The primary changes are as follows:
Some supplies in the US, Canada, and Europe are still supplying the original kit….. as a result, you will want to be aware of what specifically is included in the kit you are purchasing, and make your price comparison with that in mind.
CAT is a quick, easy-to-use and affordable cannabis analysis thc level test kit that will now be available in the US. Not only is CAT itself Inexpensive to buy, cannabis testing kit uses only a tiny sample–100milligrams–of the cannabis (or 50mg of resin) to be analyzed, and provides a qualitative assay (report) on the presence of THC and 5 other cannabinoids: THV, CBC, CBG, CBD, and CBN. CAT also measures the amount of acids, giving an indicator of how ‘fresh’ or ‘old’ the sample is. Results are determined in under an hour. CAT also contains everything you need to determine % THC (potency). Private lab cbd test kit, if available, require larger samples, are very expensive, and results can take anywhere from a week to a month. Furthermore, private labs, lacking confidentiality obligations to their clientele, are security risks.
We are proud to be able to now offer the updated and improved Cannalytics mini lab.

In the meantime, please feel free to browse around the website, and you can place an order on our order page.

Cannalytics Supply's THC Test Kit is accurate, easy to use and provides high quality THC Test Kits and for cannabis products.