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the black purple reviews

I’m so stoked I just received my 3rd pair of Mass & Slim Leggings! These undergarments have helped me so much with my cellulite over the last year… my job requires long hours and I can wear them undetected and feeling and looking firm and toned… all while they are helping me improve my figure! I recommend this product to all my girls!!

I received my order today. I was so skeptical about it fitting. To my surprise it really did fit. It is very comfortable.
I normally do not comment on these or believe in these products. I ordered a pain and am amazed at home they fit, how comfortable they are and an amazing difference under a summer dress. They do not feel hot at all. Lets see what the next 30 days do. I am impressed so far!

OMG, I’ve been using my shorts from the black purple and I’m in love. They Make me look slimmer, they don’t make me feel hot and it stays in place. I was smiling when my mom said I looked thinner. I will be buying another pair soon.
“Day 3 of wearing my pants. At first I thought they were too loose but day 3 I am loving how I feel. I can’t wait to see my results. I wear them under my clothes at work and you can’t tell and you don’t feel awkward at all. Thank you so much.
I just received mine and these shorts are the most comfortable slimming shorts I have ever worn. They are extremely comfortable, I definitely recommend these to anyone who is looking for a stylish and comfortable pair of slimming shorts.
What an amazing product. I have leg lymphedema from having lymph nodes removed, due to cervical cancer. Leg Lymphedema is normal treated by wearing an uncomfortable compression stocking. They don’t work for me. This product stimulates lymphatic flow, and is perfect for my needs!
This shape wear is extremely comfortable. It breathes very well. I’ve been wearing for about two weeks now and can not say enough good things about this product. I paid full price and have not been paid for any kind of reviews or anything, lol. Just really love this shape wear.


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