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thc bomb smoke report

The Smell:- Strange, But. Different jars have different smells, but all very nice, fruity & spicy to my nose, maybe they will change with some more cure time. – Score 9/10.

Strain Name:- THC Bomb
Light Used:- 8 x @BigSm0 AutoCobs with an old style 300w Draw Mars Hydro as occasional fill in late flower. All lights 20Hrs On / 4 Off

Medium:- Soil/hydro – Canna Pro Soil mixed with perlite (20%) & pebbles (25%) and a bottom layer of pebbles.
Description:- 1 Plant grown in Autopot, with Airdomes, shared Cob lights in an indoor tent, (6 mixed plants in total)
Dry Yield:-
1 Plant, 498.05 grams of trimmed dried bud, that is over 1lb. very impressive, plus i also retrieved 12.5g of screened kief – Score 10/10.
Seed to Harvest:- Cut at 83/84 Days, 11 Days+ slow dry.
The Growth:- About 5ft tall in Autopot, Very Big Girl, Wide & High, used a cage to support growth. Very Heavy colas, stems need lots of extra support (I didn’t support them enough).

Bag Appeal:- Bud is a slightly airy, not excessively frosty, but still on the better end of the scale – Score 6/10.

Seed Bank:- Bomb Seeds ( Tag:- @BombSeeds ) Strain Name:- THC Bomb Plant selected :- Plant Number 1 Cut Date:- 26th April 2019 Autoflower ? :- Yes…

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