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Wild Thailand Feminised Seeds

Wild Thailand is a pure sativa land-race strain that comes from the Ko Chang archipelago in Thailand. It has been in-bred for many generations by local farmers thereby fixing its properties into a stable and reliable marijuana strain. It is often smuggled to Bangkok to be sold there despite the harsh penalties that they risk in Thailand.

Wild Thailand has a relatively short flowering period for such a pure, tropical sativa but it is still quite a productive plant. It is very resistant to mould and also has good pest resistance too. Indoors it should only be given a very short period of vegetative growth to control the stretch in flowering, it can even be put into 12/12 as soon as the cuttings have rooted or when still little seedlings with only two or three sets of leaves. It will need plenty of room for the roots to grow though and so larger pots will be needed if its yield potential is to be reached. Indoors flowering lasts for 75 – 90 days with yields being about 300 gr/m2. Outdoors plants are ready to harvest in late November, so only suitable for Mediterranean-type climates, with yields being in the range 450 – 500 gr/plant.

This wild Thai weed has a smells strongly of delicious citrus fruits and this is complemented by a sweet citrus flavour. Its THC (including THCV) has been measured at a very high 22.3%. The effect is extremely euphoric and will have you on a trip to Thailand in no time.

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Wild Thailand strain

Wild Thailand is a pure landrace from the islands of Ko Chang archipelago (Thailand). It is one of the strains with very high THC content (up to 23%). These plants are appreciated and grown by Thai growers. Any visitor to Thailand interested in cannabis has probably come across this variety, as it is sold all over the country.

This strain is the result of a perpetual cross between the best individuals of this Thai lineage. This plant has been cultivated there for generations. It is one of the most productive strains of Thailand, besides it has a relatively short flowering time (10-12 weeks), but it is a pure Thai sativa with all its advantages.

The Wild Thailand strain has a strong growth that can be a bit excessive at times. You can keep the height growth somewhat under control by using smaller pots. As a result, you get distinctive authentic Thai weed. Its aroma and taste will bring Asia to your palate, its effect will take you on a long journey and transport you to the indescribable temples of Bangkok or the long sandy beaches of Ko Chang.