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tfv12 review reddit

The flavor is decent, I would recommend the mesh coils for it for sure. The only reason I use this tank is because it’s a slight upgrade from my uWell Crown 3 and the coils are cheap for 5 for $13. If this were 4 months ago I would be recommending this tank but keep in mind that the new Cleito 120 Pro mesh coils have come out from Aspire and also uWell is launching the Crown IV with a 4 pack of coils for $11 so there is no reason to buy one now. There are only going to be newer and better tanks that come out from here on out that will be much better and the prices and amount of coils you get is better than it was say earlier this year or last year. It’s a solid tank but it feels like they under delivered as is usual I find of Smok. The design is super ugly too and the colors are horrible. I have use the TFV12 and TFV12 Prince and Crown 3 as of recently and I’m completely done with Smok for a while. They have to step up their game for me to buy one and I don’t see them pushing anything that isn’t mediocre from here on out for a while. It is a solid setup if you are transitioning into the big leagues of vaping if you are going from a pod system or want something that is a smaller hit for a Direct to lung but is more than a mouth to lung hit like the Breeze 2. Over all I would definitely be pissed if I were you and you bought it expecting to be a miniature Prince tank because it is more like a Baby Beast with upgraded coils that are only 25% better.

Cheap as hell for mesh compatibility and comes with 3 coils
Too high of wattage for flavor that is comparable to older generations of tanks at lower wattage

LED lighted coils if that’s your thing
Mesh coils available
Cheap coil price with a lot to get for the money ($13 for 5 mesh coils)
So I’m going to make this brief and easy to read without a wall of text. I got the tank about 2 months ago. I want to get the rating out of the way first and then let you read if you want about specifics. I give this tank a 3 out of 5. There are better performers out there but I’ll go into the pros and cons later on in the thread if you want those precious details that really might make it a must have for you.
Kind of ugly really

The coil flavor is extremely lacking and leaves something to be desired from it for how close in price it is to other tanks. $10 more or about that gets you and relatively nice upgrade in flavor compared to what is offered even with the mesh

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