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tangerine cookies strain

The smell is mouth-watering and LOUD. Fresh and dried buds will fill a room with the smell of orange cream soda. The taste matches the smell exactly and lingers on the taste buds.

this year I tried your tangerine cookies, sundae punch, fruity punch wow ! excellent I didn’t have any luck with the gelato or the tangerine cookies . I did get 2 of the tangerine cookies to come up and talk about having your cookies and eating them to. also you guys made it right with me on the tc and gelato . custumer for life. excellent genetics. ps. I have told every grower I know about elev8 seeds . should be getting more orders from my neck of the woods.
I thought the Tangerine Cookies cross was a no brainer. Tangie is renowned for its loud orange citrus flavor but can sometimes lack density. Thin Mint is a tasty, potent legend with rock-hard dense buds caked in frost. We searched through many Tangies to find a special male that reeked of orange peels as a mate for the Thin Mint and we found it.

I can’t say enough good things about this strain. Tangerine Cookies is a rock-star.
This strain right here….where do I start… I mean omg this strain is a game changer. The smell is like sweet citrus….the taste is like a orange cream soda pop. The effects are out of this world. If you like making your own wax this is the strain for you, I did a BHO run and I was amazed the wax came out almost white and the taste of the wax was the best tasting wax I ever had hands down. All of my family and friends love it and want more! You need this strain in your garden and if you like making gummy edibles or chocolate edibles this is the strain for you!
Just finished my first crop have to say incredibly happy wasn’t expecting the minty taste , citrusy smell when growing , buds were huge one of the most beautiful plants I have ever grown , has to be 25% plus in thc terps very powerful , took 67!days well worth the wait kind of took me back to the old boys pine sensi back in the 80s was very popular.
Laylow – December 10, 2019
Tangerine Cookies tests out at 28.87% THC-A.

The resulting Tangerine Cookies was everything we had hope for and more. The cross between the two reintroduced hybrid vigor to bring a surprisingly high yield from a cross of two mediocre yielders. Every bud from the top cola to the bottom buds were rock hard and dripped with resin. To say the buds were stunning is an understatement.

Tangerine Cookies | Mouth-watering and LOUD. Fresh and dried buds will fill a room with the smell of orange cream soda with a taste that matches the smell.