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tangelo rapido

Tangelo rapido

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Barney’s Farm Tangelo Rapido is a sativa dominant autoflowering strain with a flavour profile similar to her Tangerine 13 ancestor. Tangelo Rapido’s finishing time is short, yielding an impressive crop of sweet and zesty buds.

  • Cultivation: Indoor/outdoor
  • Photoperiod: Autoflowering
  • Type: Sativa Dominant
  • Genetics: Tangerine 13 x Ruderalis
  • Indoor Yield: 400 – 500 gr/m²
  • Life Cycle (seed to harvest):

Growing Characteristics
Tangelo Rapido on average grows to about 70 cm. The autoflowering strain has many strong side branches and produces ample amounts of sweet and tarty bud.

Fragrance & Flavour
Tangelo Rapido’s overall fragrance is a combination of citrusy and fruity scents. This feminised autflowering strain is bursting with mouthwateringly good sweet and tangy flavours.
70 days

  • Height: 50 – 100 cm
  • Autoflowering Traits
    Most cannabis plants start to flower at the end of the summer as the days become shorter and the amount of sunlight diminishes. Autoflowering plants are not dependent on changing seasons and the daylight decrease. These plants prefer as much light as possible (12-18 or even 24 hours) throughout their growth cycle and enter the flowering stage automatically after a certain number of weeks, regardless of how much light they receive. This is due to their genetic makeup. Autoflowering plants are crossbred with the genes of Cannabis ruderalis, which by nature is the only member of the cannabis family that flowers automatically regardless of light hours. Crossbreeding the ruderalis plant with cannabis strains results in plants with the following advantages:
    Sweet Tooth Autoflowering Seed Specifications

    Tangelo Rapido Automatic is daytime strain known for its uplifting, clear-headed and energising high.

    Barney’s Farm Tangelo Rapido is a sativa dominant autoflowering strain with a flavour profile similar to her Tangerine 13 ancestor Tangelo Rapido’s finishing time is short yielding an impressive crop of sweet and zesty buds Autoflowering Traits Most cannabis plants start to flower at the end of

    Tangelo rapido

    Tangelo Rapido Auto is suitable for indoor and outdoor cultivation, Note that its structure should not be pilled. In fact, it deploys its full potential if you give it enough space in height and width.

    Like the majority of automatic Marijuanas, Tangelo Rapido Auto is very easy to grow and does not require any special effort. It generally reaches heights of almost one meter and grows as a Sativa strain. It develops several solid and long lateral branches that are gradually covered with flowers.
    Finally, the harvest of Tangelo Rapido Auto is quite generous since each plant is able to yield between 25 and 50 grams of weed.

    Tangelo Rapido Auto is an automatic Marijuana strain very easy to grow being harvested in only 70 days. It releases a strong aroma of mandarin and provides a pleasant effect on the body and on the mind.
    It has a fast flowering period and in only 10 weeks the buds will be able to be harvested. These 70 days are counted from the time when the seed germinates.
    The Perfume of Tangelo Rapido consists of tangerines and oranges being acid, fresh and cítric, all at once. These strong notes greatly persist in the palate.
    As expected from a hybrid strain, Tangelo Rapido Auto offers an effect that spans through the body, relaxing every centimeter of it , but also through the mind, creating a pleasant feeling of euphoria. The effect is Moderate but potent due to its 12 to 15% THC level. It also has a high CBD level.

    Barney’s Farm expands its autoflowering Marijuana seed catalog with Tangelo Rapido, a hybrid between Tangerine 13 and Ruderalis. It has a notable sweet tangerine aroma and a relaxing and cerebral high.

    Sale of Tangelo Rapido Auto autoflowering Marijuana, with an strong scent of tangerine. Easy to grow and collected in just 10 weeks.