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swiss cheese weed

Swiss cheese weed

This strain is just excellent. Smoke report below.
Grow report
I grew 25 seedlings feminized in a 120x120x200cm grow tent. I veg them for 20 days and flower them for 60 days.
Good CO2 ventilation and good climate (see K2 grow video)
They were grown totally organic. All Mix soil, 11 liter pots, 1 gram of trichoderma/miccorrhizae per pot, I brew carbohydrate teas along with Voodoo Juice and I added 2 grams of miccos in the solution,I let it bubble for 3 days, once in a while I added humic/fulvic Acid to the solution for an even better colonization of beneficial micro-organisms. I started Bio Bloom 3 weeks after the switch to 12/12, at medium doses. No PK chelates shit. Just organic teas and organic Bloom. I need to warn you that, just like Cheese, this strain smells a lot and you will definetely need a good carbon filter. The odor is hard to control.
Plants are very uniform. Starting 12/12 at 25cm tall, they will grow quite a lot, up to 100cm. They grow with 1 main huge cola of about 60cm in height.Short internodes that allow an excellent light penetration. They are perfect for tight SOG systems. Very few branches!
Since they don’t grow bushy, the yield for my SOG system was quite good too. I harvested 480grams for 600w of light (approx 18g per plant)
These main colas are not as large as an Haze, but much denser. So I was a bit worried about the yield, but due to the compactness of the buds, it turned out very good quality-wise.
Smoke report
The taste is excellent and exotic like an Haze. You can clearly tell it»s a Cheese relative, but Nirvana added a very sugary/tropical taste to the UK Cheese. The result is a taste much more enjoyable than the real Cheese. It«s pungent, tropical and exotic.
The smoke is like a very good pure Indica : extremely relaxing, mellow, social, no paranoia, no restlessness. Not a Sativa/Indica hybrid effect. Just very relaxing and very social. Excellent.
If I could rate this strain 12 out of 10, I would.

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The aroma / smell of Swiss Cheese can be described best as a little bit Sour (or Citrus) and additionally as basically Sweet (or Fruity). . read more

3% Nervous / Fidgety
Out of 5 seeds 4 popped 3 of them died due to bad weather but the one thet survived grew into an astonishing bushy plant that produced far more t’han the other i was growing in the same spot (Durban poison from dutch passion).the plant also could handle the lack of watering (i tre them guerrilla) much beter than the others and took very Little care still giving awesome results.The buds were qite big and despite beeing rather fluffy an with a lor of foliage delivered quote a strong celebral high with just the Wright amount of phisical relaxation and that dont knock you out at all.
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