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sweet seeds black jack

Sweet seeds black jack

0% Nervous / Fidgety

Pictures speak louder than words! Upload your “Black Jack” Photos here and help other growers to get a better impression of this variety.
The high is extremely cerebral and energizing, unless you let it take over, then it’s very spacy and meditative. Excellent daytime smoke!

The aroma / smell of Black Jack can be described best as Spicy (Pine; a little bit Herbs and Sandalwood and also with a touch of Cedarwood), fairly Microbiological (partially Wood and also a bit of Musky) and additionally as a little bit Sweet (Licorice; a bit of Floral; a little bit Fruity and also with a touch of Bubble Gum) and Sour (or Citrus). . read more
Crossbreed of our Black Domina with an exceptional Jack Herer that features a pleasant and intense bouquet similar to the Haze’s cathedral incense aromatic trait. The result is Black Jack® (SWS01), one of our most powerful and productive strains.
This classic strain features great hybrid vigor and it is totally adapted to indoor grows. When planted outdoors, directly in the ground and with enough sunlight, it becomes a resinous hairy monster of about three meters of height.
Black Jack® trademark by Sweet Seeds®
2% Thought provoking
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Black Jack breed by Sweet Seeds Here you can find all info about Black Jack from Sweet Seeds . If you are searching for information about Black Jack from Sweet Seeds, check out our Basic

Sweet seeds black jack

Being one of the first seed banks to offer autoflowering varieties, Sweet Seeds used their knowledge and experience in growing to put a spin on what most seed banks offer.

While many of Sweet Seeds potent auto flowering feminised seeds have made waves across the cannabis market, there are some strains that have surprised even the breeders themselves with their success and popularity. Their Blow Mind Auto is a potent strain that has distinct aromas and valuable medical properties. While their Cream Caramel Auto has been a customer favourite for many years. This award winning strain is of clear superior quality, with dense buds and an enormous resin production.
Plants can really spread out when presented with the opportunity and can resemble a spherical form with its plethora of side branches. Indoor yields are very good and growers can expect to harvest between 500 – 600 gr/m 2 in 9 weeks of flowering. Outdoors harvest in the northern hemisphere will be during the first two weeks of October, which should not present a problem with adverse weather conditions in warm climate regions and the yield per plant is likely to be between 500 – 700 gr.

The selection of their plants is based on the plants qualities themselves and not the history or origin of the plants. With these values in place they use both traditional and modern breeding techniques to create 99.9% of female plants. In addition to this, they are currently developing brand new varieties of feminised autoflowering plants.
Black Jack is an exceptional plant that resulted from a cross of Black Domina with a very special Jack Herer pheno-type. It is a 50/50 indica/sativa plant. It is both very powerful as well as being a very highly productive cannabis strain.
Black Jack is a superb plant for any indoor garden and any method or substrate although, having said that, it also performs wonderfully well outdoors when supplied with sufficient sunlight. This rules out any climate region that is cooler than that of the Mediterranean type. While the height attained by indoor plants will depend largely on the length of the period of vegetative growth those which are cultivated outdoors can reach a magnificent 300 cm. tall.
The sweet aromatic qualities of Black Domina serve to temper and soften the incense aroma of the Jack Herer. THC production is high to very high and has been measured at 16% – 21% with approximately 0.6% CBD. The effect is euphoric and happy and is said to be a great selection for parties and other social occasions.
Sweet Seeds are a seed bank from Spain who specialise in feminised cannabis seeds. After conquering Spain with their now world renowned seeds they moved to conquer the whole of Europe. They listen to both the cultivator and the public together, enabling them to combine seeds to offer unique packages at affordable prices.

Sweet Seeds breeding philosophy is simple: they put their view of being a collector and consumer of genetics first and in doing so collect as many best genetics as possible and store them for an unlimited time.

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