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superglue weed

Superglue weed
Superglue is a great tool to thwart symptoms of debilitating ailments. For the positive dent it makes on one’s life, it remains of significant therapeutic value to patients in the medical community.
As the notable mood-lift persists, the physical effects sink into the body with a bone-melting kind of laziness. From head-to-toe, a soothing sensation massages the muscles with its relaxing warmth. Its calming quality extends to the mind as well, leading hectic thoughts to a meditative state after its initial vigor. Depending on the dosage, the experience can be light yet profound or sofa-anchoring intense.
While it aims to ease and blunt distressing circumstances, consuming too much can be quite overwhelming to veterans and beginners alike. Apart from a temporary dizziness or a mild headache, some will also experience a rise in anxiety. Keeping dosage low will prevent users from greening out.
Helping individuals unwind from a stressful work environment is a heavy-limbed sensation that creeps all over the body. Packed with potent analgesic properties, it pulverizes aches from conditions like muscle or joint pains, headaches, and cramps. Enhancing it is a sedating tranquility that slips user right into bed. As such, it makes for a restorative treat that helps patients with insomnia.
Superglue is a sturdy plant. Its Afghani roots conditioned its highly resistant structure against molds, while its bitter leaves protect it from a variety of pesky pests. Not only that, it is also protected by a heavy layer of crystal-encrusted trichomes. Its branches, which are thick and wide, hold itself against harsh winds and the weight of its densely heavy buds. And so, it should come as no surprise that the Indica-leaning bud adapts easily to both indoor and outdoor environments.
During the initial onset, it eases the mind with its rush of euphoria in only a few minutes after the first two to three puffs. Tired spirits are uplifted as its cerebral psychedelic high continues to intensify. The mental clarity also encourages an upbeat disposition that helps users stay focused throughout the day.
by Bonza · Published January 7, 2019 · Updated January 29, 2020
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Gradually, as the body is enveloped in deep relaxation, the eyes become droopy with a light heaviness. Eventually, users fall into a deep unencumbered slumber.
Marked by its sticky resin and relaxing effects, Superglue is for Indica-lovers who want a profound yet functional body high.