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But now we have White Russian marijuana. Yes, it’s the same name as the delicious cocktail and Big Lebowski favorite but far, far stronger.

The current winner of all the strains is an undisclosed variant from Australia. Wait – don’t protest too much, here, the said strain is estimated to be at 40% potency, that’s basically twice the average weed strength,and significantly higher than anything you can buy ANYWHERE in the USA. Why so high? Well, answers are conflicting, but basically the Australian climate is thought to be conducive to cultivating marijuana strains that are very potent, and a recent study on some of the weed seized backs this up.
The term “Ice” has a bad rep nowadays, with far too many associations of methamphetamine and people who go loopy on it. But it’s not something to avoid when it comes to cannabis. Ice is one of those strains that belongs to the old school; available since the 90’s, and has history of performing well, winning the High Times Cannabis Cup in 1998. Cannabis Search described it as “a crossing of the finest red skunk strains with resinous white strains, both of which have been very popular amongst Dutch growers since the middle of the nineties.” The strain is a hybrid of other, popular strong strains which include Northern Light, Afghan, Skunk and Shiva.

Leafly – a web service often described as the Cannabis Yelp as it combines user reviews with dispensary information – described White Russian as having energetic, euphoric, creative, happy and uplifted effects (and yes, those are all considered separate side effects).
Most weed smokers are familiar with White Widow weed. It refers to a strain of weed that was very popular in the early 2000’s. Back then it was considered one of the strongest available, but nowadays more modern engineered strains have overtaken it in terms of potency- thought the buzz is still known as being a euphoric and energetic high, ideal for creative conversations with your friends.
4. Ice Marijuana
So what do you need to know about this? Well Pitbull is strong to smoke AND easy to grow, which is an ideal situation. Good for rainy climates it flowers quickly with lots of crystals – crystals on plants indicate potency- and can grow to 16 foot tall. “Usually one hit is all your guest should be allowed to have. Any more and you might as well plan a full evening,” the creators wrote on their website.
We were unsure about sharing this extremely potent strain with you, as though it’s renowned for being eye-rollingly intense, it’s also rare, and we do hate to be a tease. Still, if you were to see this on a dispensary menu you’d be foolish to pass up on it. Originally created in the Santa Cruz mountains, the strain is derived from two potent mothers – the Headband strain and the Cheese strain.

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Crunked up. Smoked out. There are many ways to describe that mind numbing body shaking high you get from potent strains of marijuana, but do you know just which ones could completely end your day?