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super sour diesel seeds

Title : Great
Comment : always top grade seeds. SD prooved himself great in gerilla outdoors.

Title : Too seeds
Comment : My first experience and huau it works. Too quality seeds
Title : Greatest!
Comment : Fina y de calidad

Title : Peng
Comment : Great seeds, germinated with no problems.
Title : Suor diesel
Comment : Ottimi semi pianta fantastica da coltivare anche indoor
Title : Diligent little seedling
Comment : Arrived safe and quickly. Germinated well and grows fast. So far I’m really glad!
Title : fast and easy
Comment : perfect indoor, nice yeald and sweet high
Title : Super
Comment : Toutes les graines ont germé! Au top!

Title : Amazing Genetics, survives through everything, amazing, energetic high, very good pain relief
Comment : Holy shit. So, i cut a branch that had 1-2g of bud on it, im 4.5 weeks since flipping to 12/12 for reference. So 4.5 weeks out of 9-11 week flower. Put wet bud in a dry herb vaporiser and I am amazed. Food tastes amazing, all the normal stuff, it’s energetic, not short lived, head and body. Much more potent than what you get on the streets, even premature. She’s been my first ever grow, and I’ve messed up so much along the way, she recovers from everything. She doesn’t smell extremely strong, but her bud once i picked it off smells very very fruity/mango. It’s amazing. The high is a huge burst of energy and makes me wanting to type forever like right now. Lol. Also, pain relief on this strain is absolutely brilliant too. Just all round amazing. Trust me, get this.

Also known as Sour D, this is a unique sativa-dominant strain named after its diesel-like aroma. Its THC content is around 25%, delivering a head high that makes it a great medicinal strain.