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super mutant quotes

» Fri Jan 29, 2016 8:40 pm

I am looking into your eye for 5 minutes.. now please hurry up and do your part. please.
The mutent quote you mentioned isn’t funny to me, it’s quite sad actually and makes me ponder.

» Sat Jan 30, 2016 1:48 am
Motorcycleman for the win.
I like the ones where they claiming I’m hiding and a coward while I’m out in the open trying to find them.
My two fave quotes in the game, always cracks me up when I hear these, which is best?
Do muties talk about running into mirelurks the other day?

Synth talk is more funny to me honestly. “Subject has stealth capabilities. How fascinating” while it walks on a pulse mine

My two fave quotes in the game, always cracks me up when I hear these, which is best?

Super mutant quotes

Super-Mutants tend to work as miners and serve in the militia. There’s also a sort of retirement home for ghouls who are too decrepit to function on their own. Ghouls are also valued as workers in the small uranium processing centre.

One person in Broken Hills hypothesizes that the radioactive emissions from the uranium mines are what is keeping the local mutants unageing. This is hogwash – both ghouls and super-mutants naturally age very little.
Marcus specifically came to Broken Hills based on pre-War maps, to locate and reopen the uranium mine to create income. He was successful, and what was once a dismal non-place with famished survivors greatly changed. However, within a year Jacob decided to move on.

Our sample Chosen One (Alessandra-Maria Hassan) equips Marcus with a Bozar instead, since the Rockwell CZ-53 devours ammunition at an impossible rate. See the Fallout Weapons Locker article for both these weapons.
Marcus’ presence also meant that mutated persons were safe and welcome. Various ghouls and super-mutants moved in and cohabitated with baseline humans, which was quite remarkable back then.
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Marcus eventually ran into a lone Brotherhood of Steel paladin named Jacob. Roving in his power armour, Jacob was on a crusade to kill all mutants. Thus, they fought for hours and hours, but neither could get an advantage. In the end, they decided that it was all bullshit and they should ally.
Marcus shared the general goals of the Master – to put an end to human infighting and pettiness and evolve them all to a new, better level. However, he thinks that the Master did not manage the plan well. He mutated too many people who couldn’t handle the strain and ended up too intellectually diminished upon exiting the FEV vats.

Marcus is an unusually successful super-mutant enhancement. He has the usual abilities :

A full character profile for Marcus the super-mutant, as he appears in the Fallout 2 video game (for now). Pictures, powers, biography, quotes, etc.