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sunset cookies strain

Sunset cookies strain

Effects: Citradelic Sunset can be more citradelic than sunset if you power-rip it without respect. One small bowl helped me get blissfully lost in a book. Back-to-back bong snappers had me worrying about high school reunions and hair loss. If used lightly, the strain is sunshine in a bag. But smoke slowly, or you’ll have a dry mouth and way too many worries.

We’ve heard of Sunset sightings at Buddy Boy, Callie’s Cannabis Shoppe, Kind Love, Silver Stem Fine Cannabis and Terrapin Care Station, as well as other dispensaries carrying Wood’s Reserve cannabis or Green Dot Labs concentrates. It’s hard not to get attached to Green Dot’s terp-filled extraction of the strain, which enhances Citradelic Sunset’s spicy citrus flavors, but low tolerances should tread lightly.
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Daily commuters deserve more sympathy. Not only will the stress and time-suck of rush hour shave years off your life, but the drive will also rob you of the simple things, like daytime television, regular happy hours and the sun. Remember the sun? Anyone who’s out the door before 7 a.m. and off work after 5 p.m. during the winter knows how draining life can be without sunlight, whether you believe in chakras and things that retrograde or not.
Looks: Not quite a Tony Robbins index finger, but still long and slender, Citradelic Sunset’s sativa-leaning buds tend to foxtail during their long flowering periods, so don’t let leaves get in the way of much-needed light. Upon harvest, the nugs can look very intimidating, with heavy trichome coverage, bright-green calyxes that glow in the dark, and regular streaks of purple.
Flavor: Although the strain’s pine and skunky notes shine more here than in the aroma, Citradelic Sunset’s flavor is more even-keeled than the zesty citrus smell suggests. Early tastes of lime and a smoky pepper sensation are accompanied by earthy Kush notes of pine and quiet hints of vanilla.
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Citradelic Sunset, a bright and tasty hybrid from Ethos Genetics, has been giving cold, tired Coloradans summer in the winter for a little over a year now. The relatively new strain has young parents — Ghost Train Haze and Mandarin Sunset — and hasn’t been on the dispensary market for very long. However, Citradelic…