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sumo grande strain

Sumo grande strain
This is one of the best medicinal and recreational strains I have seen, and is quickly becoming one of my favorites. After I lit up my first joint of “Sumo Grande”, I remember sitting there for a few minutes and wasn’t feeling the strong effects yet I was just relaxed, and aware and I noticed I was starting to smoke slower, and eventually just felt really happy about everything that was going on around me. (it takes a few minutes, but then it hits, hard, but at the same time you’re ok with it.) The flavor is very citrusy, with an undertone of straight pine. It just tastes and smokes smooth and luxuriously, if they made cuban cigars with cannabis, this would be the strain. There are so many ways I could describe SG’s aroma, it’s extremely pungent and the best I can do to help you imagine it is picture like really dank cheese wrapped in dark Swiss chocolate–thats sumo grande. The munchies are STRONG with this one! Highly recommend this strain for anyone who has a lack of apatite or perhaps trouble gaining weight. I have a very high metabolism, so it is difficult for me to gain any weight and I have to eat A LOT to gain weight, and this strain definitely helps with that (just stay away from the junk food) Part of the reason I picked this strain is because it was recommended to me as a true Sativa that has minimal paranoia. Highly recommend also to anyone struggling with depression, anxiety, etc. As this strain will stimulate you and help you become more positive, more social/talkative, outgoing, and more confident. This is one of the first strains I’ve noticed have any strong valuable purposes, not only do I eat better, and become more talkative and social, but the strain is also pretty good at helping you develop interesting thought processes. I’ve also noticed you become more focused/creative as others described. So definitely a very productive/day time strain, but I can also say that I have had no problem getting a good night sleep with it as well. (ironically enough, I just scrolled and realized how long this review was, and yes I did just test some of this strain on myself for scientific purposes shortly before coming here to share my thoughts on it.) Overall, looks great, smokes great, smells great, tastes great, good medicinal, good recreational, minimal to no negative side effects, what more could you ask for? (also tested at 28% THC if you care) 10/10 would dank again.
A beautiful flower! This strain has a lot going for it, it’s lung candy. Testing at 24.3% – 31.9% Thc and 0% cbd. The bugs are epicly frosty and the smell is to die for. Majorly uplifting and energy promoting. I also purchased some shatter concentrate of the same strain and would also highly recommend. purchased from NuVue Pharma recreational.
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The Sumo Grande has a Sweet, Citrus and Pine taste and the sumo grande has a hungry, uplifted, talkative, creative and focused effects.You cannot buy Sumo Grande seeds in one single seedbank on the internet, as soon as we know a shop which are selling Sumo Grande seeds, we will post it here.

  • Sweet
  • Citrus
  • Pine

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Tyrone L. Lynn from Western Sahara
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