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strawberry cough

Strawberry cough

Flavor: Creamy, sweet flavors of strawberry are up front, followed by a spicy aftertaste.

Some strains mean a little more to us than others, for reasons that aren’t entirely logical: nostalgia for first loves, lyrics in songs. I’ve never liked the spiciness of Haze strains, but I’ll light up Purple Haze anytime just because Jimi said so. (Everyone understood what that song was about.)
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It would be unfair to pigeonhole Strawberry Cough as just a sentimental strain fueled by nostalgic effects, though, because if it’s grown and cured correctly, it’s one of the most delicious strains out there.
Unfortunately, it’s all too often overlooked, which shows just how spoiled we’ve become.
Home grower’s take: “If you like fruity strains, this is probably one of the better ones, especially if you’re not a fan of grape or purple or citrus strains. I’ve had better luck with this than Strawberry Fields in terms of yields, and it was way easier during the growing process — but the nine-week flowering time can be too long for some. I’d love to try and cross it with some other strains, just to see if I could pull that berry flavor out.”
Newer heavyweights like Ghost Train Haze, Gorilla Glue and a bunch of shit strains with fake names have stolen the spotlight from this classic sativa-dominant stalwart, but an open jar of Strawberry Cough can still make the sides of your mouth water.
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Looks: There isn’t anything red about Strawberry Cough’s nugs, which should be a bright shade of green with prominent orange or peach pistil coverage — like most of the nameless chronic you grew up with. Buds can be dense to moderately loose.

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