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strawberry banana kush seeds

The Strawberry banana is an easy strain to grow. Don’t hesitate, buy it. Fast shipping, great results

Elias T. – September 23, 2019 :
Strawberry Banana is by far my favorite strain! High yield, as well as great taste and aroma – what else do you want?

Randall – March 1, 2020 :
First of all, the terpene level is out of this world and you will love its amazing bubble gum smell. These cannabis seeds have a short flowering period of 7 to 9 weeks and a rather high yield. Moreover, the Banana Strawberry strain has won cannabis cups in the UK and Canada.
The three plants I’ve grown from these seeds are beautiful and getting so bushy! 2 seeds were bad
Strawberry Banana Seeds are very easy to grow and produce amazing yields in a short period of time. The Strawberry Banana strain combines the best traits from both Indica and Sativa with 70% of Indica prevalence. As being a cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and Serious Strawberry (phenotype of Bubble gum), Strawberry Banana has an extremely tasty sweet fruity flavor.
Michelle Alcaraz – November 21, 2016 :

I received the product in just 14 days. It grows so well abundant with buds. Surely, I will buy more seeds from them in the future. The process was so smooth. I really appreciate it.

Strawberry Banana is a feminized strain with a high yield. Grow difficulty: Easy. Strawberry Banana is a cross between Crockett’s Banana Kush and Serious Strawberry. Flowering period 7-9 weeks. FREE. Seeds. Delivery to USA, Canada, UK and Australia.