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strain family farm

Strain family farm

The Strain Family Horse Farm is a family run business in its current location since 1967. There are three generations of Strains working at the farm.

“Ah,” I thought. “Granby, Colorado of course! With only 1,525 residents, the town of Granby, Colorado has mantained it’s proud ranching heritage and its friendly small-town atmosphere!” I was excited to know so much about Strain’s hometown. He raised a hand, presumably to give me a high-five, but I wasn’t done yet.
Our clientele includes dude ranches, show stables, lesson barns, other dealers, and private individuals. All of our horses are sold with a two week exchange guarantee in writing.

Neigh! A Cowboy Museum in Connecticut?! Yee Haw!
(Google Maps location)
September 25, 2011
Now, if you’re not from these parts, you may not know much about Granby, CT. Although there are some great trails to hike at McLean Game Refuge (CTMQ hikes here and a decent brewpub (CTMQ visit to The Cambridge Brewhouse here, plus a few other museums, the beautiful Enders Falls and even a winery (CTMQ Visit here), Granby ain’t exactly a place to which a family of four goes on adventures. Okay, you all should be sure to check out the coolest tree in the state at least.
“No, sir,” Strain lamented, “Right here in Granby, Connecticut.” Oh. But… Then.. Why do you speak with a southern/western accent? I nearly blurted out. Instead, I stared in stunned silence at the couple hundred saddles that filled the small room. “Oh. This is a nice town” was all I could muster.
After visiting, I’m still not so sure.
Just then, Hoang appeared with Damian who takes the term “mosey” to new heights. She entered and marveled at the saddles and let the musky scent of leather fill her nose. “So, where are you from originally?” she innocently asked.
“Great, I can get a bottle of wine for my brother since today is his birthday!”
220. Strain Family Horse Farm Cowboy Museum Neigh! A Cowboy Museum in Connecticut?! Yee Haw! Granby (Google Maps location) September 25, 2011 I really, really wish I could remember how I