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stoners are annoying

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And maybe also a plea: if you rely on marijuana to parent, ask yourself what effect that has on your children. Because I promise you, it has an impact.
For what it’s worth, I do support the medicinal use of marijuana. And I think questions do need to be asked and answered about how marijuana convictions are used as a tool to disenfranchise and oppress young brown people in this country.

My parents were white and educated. My father held respectable positions in business. My mother was a stay-at-home mother and occasionally worked. They were middle to upper class. And they smoked marijuana constantly. As did all of their white, wealthy friends.
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One of my prevailing thoughts as a child was “Why am I am so terrible that my parents have to get high to be around me?” My whole life I have tried to change that voice in my head. But it’s so difficult.
I have talked to parents as a parent myself and heard them say having a spliff is just like having a glass of wine. I have held my tongue, knowing their child will know that they’re high. And that child might be developing the same internal monologue I had.
When you’re a child of a stoner parent you constantly think ‘Am I so boring that they need drugs to interact with me? Am I such an awful child that to even bear to spend time with me they can’t be sober?’

I grew up around marijuana. The smell alone takes me back to that childhood of lazy neglect.

A public referendum on legalising cannabis for personal use may be held by the 2020 election as part of a possible agreement between the Green and Labour parties. One mother shares her own story to explain why she's desperately hoping legalisation won't happen. It's a highly unpopular opinion f

Stoners are annoying

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“Dude, you wanna see the funniest shit? You gotta watch this auto-tuned version of a cat singing the Game of Thrones theme.”
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“Remember that Time We Got So Stoned!” Guy
Will ask several times if your weed is laced with PCP. Seals off bottom of door with a towel before smoking.

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