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stoner road trip

Stoner road trip

3. Dock 420

If you’re hitting up the People’s Coast anywhere from Astoria to Brookings, here are the top tips for smoking, toking and trekking one of America’s most iconic stretches of waterfront.
4. Green State Wearables

(868 Laneda Ave., Manzanita,, the aptly named dispensary serving Manzanita, is the perfect place to stock up. There’s a lovely fire pit outside and a delightful selection inside. Just remember that if you are staying in, say, one of the yurts at Nehalem Bay State Park, it’s best to pick up some edibles—like Carefree Caramels with Fine Water Hash—so you can partake on the down low.
2. Yachats Cannabis Company

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Between the quality dispensaries, potent weed and incredible landscape, it’s no wonder everyone from longtime locals to transplants to weekend visitors are taking to the sea, and blazing along the trail.

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Stoner road trip

If you live in a state where cannabis is illegal, a road trip is the perfect excuse to visit a legal state and shop for edibles, concentrates and strains to your heart’s content. Just remember to consume them without breaking any rules. To that end, there are numerous canna-friendly bed and breakfasts popping up in legal states, and if you’re bringing a camper van or plan to pitch your own tent, so much the better for enjoying your freshly purchased herb.

While pairing any type of travel with cannabis can be a little tricky, trips that require driving present a unique set of challenges. However, following a few simple rules makes it easy to stay safe and compliant with local laws as you take the high road, and incorporating cannabis can make for a wonderful trip if you do things right. Let the following tips guide you as you gather your crew, pack up the car, and head out on your next great adventure.
Once there, use our strain explorer to figure out which strains are available nearby, or ask your budtender to recommend local favorites that you can’t get anywhere else.

If you’re driving with cannabis – especially pungent raw flower – keep it in the trunk while you’re moving. That way, if you get pulled over because your tail light is out, it’s best not to raise any questions with a skunky car, even if cannabis is completely legal where you are. Police officers don’t have a good way of testing whether a driver is high, so a mere whiff could be enough to raise suspicions and cause trouble. No one should be smoking in the car while it’s moving: if you want to re-up on the go, pack some edibles for passengers to munch on.
If you’re planning on riding solo you don’t have to take cannabis out of the picture completely, but it’s never okay to drive under the influence (no matter how deserted the lonely desert roads may seem), so plan your consumption for when you arrive at each day’s destination. Bonus: it gives you something to look forward to as the miles slip away beneath your tires.
Don’t lament the fact that you can’t bring your homegrown bud along for the whole trip; use it as an excuse to check out the local selection in the cannabis-friendly places you visit.
Cannabis tends to spark a desire for adventure, and with recreational and medicinal cannabis legal in more locations than ever, this summer is a perfect time to combine your love of the open road with your love of America’s favorite herb.
Good things to eat and listen to are a must for any road trip, and for a cannabis-centric road trip that’s especially true. Download all the new albums you’ve been meaning to get through, and stock up on podcasts from the likes of This American Life, Radiolab, On Being, and TED Radio Hour on topics such as “what is beauty,” “the unknown brain,” “how it all began,” and “are you sure?” – you’ll be transfixed and amazed at how fast the miles pass. As you listen, chow down on everything from white cheddar popcorn to apple slices to those tasty peanut butter pretzels – and be sure to stop at fun, funky restaurants that you come across off the beaten path.

Road trips were made for getting away from your day-to-day routine, and perhaps more than any other form of travel, they’re about the journey over the destination. Pick a drive with beautiful foliage, ocean views, mountainous elevation gains, or unique geographical formations, sit back in the passenger seat, and enjoy the view out the windows. The more unique, peaceful or colorful the scenery, the better. Roadside points of interest or elevated vantage points make for great places to stop, stretch, and smoke, too.

Incorporating cannabis into your road trips can be both fun and rewarding if you remember to consume responsibly and pick the perfect destination.