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stoner game

Stoner game

For anyone who smokes cannabis regularly, stoner games are something of a ritual. There’s nothing better than trying your hand at something which is way too complex when you’re stoned or high. Some people like video games, others want a group activity that gets everyone laughing.

One fat hen, a couple of ducks, three brown bears, four running hares, five fat females fixing for a fight, six Sicilian seamen sailing the seven seas, seven sock cutters cockily cutting socks, eight sheet slitters happily slitting sheets, nine pheasant pluckers pluckily plucking pheasants.
This works a little better than the Jammin’ game simply because it takes longer and you don’t get high so quickly. Plus the fact you get to watch a good film while you’re relaxing.

Whether you have a bong or a blunt, it’s passed around the group as you sit in a circle. Everyone should take a good toke and the trick is to hold it in until the bong comes back to you. If you choke out the smoke before that happens, you have to remove an item of clothing. This is another one of those stoner games that is designed to get you high and quick. It works best with a smaller group if you don’t want everyone to be choking.
We guarantee that, by the time you’ve finished playing this game, you won’t forget it ever again!
For those who don’t know their Greek mythology or have never watched Clash of the Titans, Medusa was a Gorgon with snakes in her hair. If you caught sight of her, you were turned to stone. This is one of the stoner games that is fun to play in a big group and there are a bunch of different varieties.
You can do this with other tunes as well. It’s fun if you like listening to music while you get stoned. Combine it with some karaoke and you’re onto a winner.
Stoner games are a cheap way to add some life to your party. Choosing the right weed is going to be important. At Seedsman, we sell a huge variety of different seed strains which are great if you’re in the party mood. Take a look at our catalogue today.

You don’t have to toke if you get it wrong, it’s just a cool game to play while you’re sat around relaxing. You can play the same game with movies, actors and tv shows.

For anyone who smokes cannabis regularly, stoner games are something of a ritual. There’s nothing better than trying your hand at something which is way too complex when you’re stoned or high. Some people like video games, others want a group activity that gets everyone laughing. &nbsp …

Stoner game

Don’t worry if the idea of sitting in front of a TV has you turned off from playing weed-themed games; we have collated a mix of regular party games (with a twist of course) and video games to be played solo or with a group. All that’s left for you to do is decide which one you want to play first, and make sure there is plenty of cannabis to go around. Pot is all about having fun, so let the good times roll.

What kind of house party would be complete without some mild nudity? To support what is often a rite of passage for many young adults, strip choker is played almost exactly as it sounds. As a gracious host, it may be worth checking that everyone’s OK with potentially stripping down to their underwear. Assuming they are, rules are simple.
In no particular order, each one either features weed at its core, or as a forfeit that puts your stash to good use.

The internet is awash with memes of people rocking their heart out to Rock Band. While chasing internet fame may be a byproduct, nothing screams good times like a stoner trying to sing “Afroman — Because I Got High” while your mates try and play the remaining instruments. Anyone that fails the song or loses timing through laughter has to take a draw from their joint.
What makes a great house party or social event with friends? Laugh out loud moments, junk food, and weed of course! If, however, you are stumped when it comes to the best games to play when the party is flowing and the marijuana is on point, our selection of the best weed-related games will elevate your event to legendary status. Even if it doesn’t, at least your guests will feel like they’re on cloud nine.
Never has one title contradicted itself so much. The chance of a straight-faced stoner is slim to none, so you can imagine how high everyone is going to be at the end. The premise is simple; once everyone is high, all participants have to keep a straight face. The first one to smile, laugh, or awkwardly snort through their nose has to do a penalty of the group’s choosing. That could be a hit from the bong, or much worse.
If there is one thing Nintendo excels at, it’s making party-friendly games that are fun no matter your age. We don’t imagine for one second the developers thought their prized creation would become a staple of marijuana-themed antics. Players give it their all to come in first, except there is no forfeit this time around. Instead, a bonus. Those that place first get to take a hit from the bong; those that lose don’t. The only problem with this game is there is always one super-competitive friend. At very least, the higher they get, the worse they’ll perform. hopefully.
While sitting in a circle, a bong or dab rig is passed around, with each participant taking a hit. The only requirement is that you have to hold that hit in until the bong comes back around to you. If any players don’t, or they cough and splutter between turns, an item of clothing comes off. We will leave how far this game progresses up to you.

Who said you couldn’t remake a classic? Standing opposite each other, two players must bounce a ping pong ball into a cup of beer or water. Should they succeed, they get to fire up a joint. As an additional bonus, successful shots can either be rewarded with a shot of beer, or that can be the forfeit for the losing player. Either way, both parties are going to be stumbling away from the table.

There's nothing like a bong to turn a first-person shooter into a hilarious kaleidoscope of blood, guts and inexplicable attempts to climb a solid wall. Here are just 10 of the best games to play when you're baked.