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stinger 5x instant extra strength

Stinger 5x instant extra strength

But in this Stinger detox review, I’m going to answer the question around does Stinger Detox work by using Stinger Buzz 5X extra strength liquid.

Now don’t know about you, but I find that all very confusing. What makes something five times stronger, just for $10 more? To me, it looks like a load of up-sell and marketing, with not a lot of substance behind it, especially when you look at the listed ingredients.
What makes it even more suspicious, is if you look at Stinger Detox on Amazon, where they can’t make up, or control the publishing of reviews, the feedback is very mixed, with many negative reviews. For me, Amazon is going to be far more honest than the company’s own website.

So I would recommend any of these brands of detox drink over Stinger detox.
So for me, it’s meant to be the strongest detox formula possible, but it didn’t work for me when other comparable detox drinks have on a frequent and consistent basis.
However, I would say that you should always try to use some form of pre-cleanse tablets in the day before your test where possible. With Mega Clean, for $69 you get six pre-rid pills, which you take 24-hours before the drink, which can help flush out more toxins.
If you look at the Stinger’s website, there are tons of five-star reviews on there, with very suspicious and positive write-ups.
Basically, an hour after consuming it, I failed a home drug test. I waited another half an hour, after which I urinated again, and took another home drug test kit, which was positive as well.

So here’s the thing, I’m now going to answer the question of does Stinger Detox work, by telling you about the home test I did use a bottle of Buzz 5X extra strength detox liquid.

Stinger Detox is another brand of detox drink that has been around for a number of years, and has a strong reputation, despite a lot of online reviews saying it's not reliable. So I thought I would do a Stinger Detox review to answer the key questions for you.