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special queen 1

Special queen 1
If we notice that certain products are used for illegal use, the purchase is directly canceled. Purchases for large-scale or professional cultivation are strictly prohibited. We only sell for personal use. Each customer can order up to 25 seeds.
Sometimes we take things completely at face value. Cannabis seeds are natural products. This means that the values which we specify are average values. We try to specify the following values for each seed. They are values given by the producer, values requested from known authorities, or average values which growers themselves have specified.
We recommend the use of a vaporizer when using for medical reasons. A vaporizer is a healthy way to enjoy the cultivated plants. In our webshop we have a huge selection of premium vaporizers, directly available in stock.
What if you see a hermaphrodite or male plant amongst your plants? In that case, remove it as quickly as possible. It can spoil your harvest. No idea how to recognise a male or female plant? Then get hold of our blog and look for ‘male’.
Special Queen #1 is best described as an enormous skunk for the garden. Although it can also do well indoors with sufficient light, it’s recommended to only plant it inside when there’s enough room for its beautiful buds. Choose either three or five feminised weed seeds.
These figures are useful for comparing weed seeds. Because the final plant and your yield are strongly dependent on all kinds of factors, such as feeding, the weather, watering and the growing medium, no rights can be derived from these values.

  • The length of the flowering period
  • The final height of the plant
  • The month in which you harvest
  • How long the plant needs from seedling to harvest (for autoflowers)
  • The yield
  • The percentage of THC and CBD and the ratio to each other

Although the plant is very suitable for outdoors, Special Queen #1 also does well indoors. The only limit is the space it has. Be sure to give it a spacious growing environment with sufficient height and light, and then you can expect 550 grammes per square metre under ideal circumstances.
Special Price €7.95
Special Queen #1 from Royal Queen Seeds is a cannabis seed with a special price/quality ratio. Read all about it here!