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spannabis 2016

Best Seed Bank: Genehtik Seeds
Best Nutrient: Phosphoderma – Planta Sur
Best Hemp Product: Cannabeer
Best Product: Xpositor-00 Box
Best Cultivation Equipment: Black Smart Pot
Best Stand: Genehtik Seeds

2nd Place – Ripper Badazz from La Grow Sabadell
1st Place – Diesel Browser from Nerd Creations

3rd Place – Slex from Green House
3rd Place – Live Resin from Nerd Creations
3rd Place – OG Kush from Grow Castellet
3rd Place – Chemvalley Cooks from True Canna

1st Place – Underdawg OG Kush from TH Seeds

The official results of the 2016 Spannabis Awards are…