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space cakes weed

Space cakes weed

One of the reasons that so many cannabis connoisseurs love space cake is that you can get far higher than you can from vaping. By adjusting your space cake recipe you can use more cannabis in your recipe, if required. Hardened space cake enthusiasts sometimes make super strong cakes for special occasions. These can leave you feeling very high all day. But just like some of the high dose edibles in the USA (some can exceed 1000mg of THC in each edible) great care needs to be taken.

Don’t expect to get high immediately from space cake as you would from a vaporiser. When eating space cake caution is important. Understand your own tolerance level. Are you an infrequent cannabis user that gets high from very small amounts? Or are you a frequent cannabis user experienced with the effects of cannabis and able to tolerate the effects of high-dose edibles?
High potency, high THC levels and a great fruity taste and aroma are the qualities which best characterise Passion Fruit. She takes around 8 weeks to finish blooming indoors and is a notably heavy yielder. With an uncomplicated growing style, great taste and knockout effects, Passion Fruit is highly recommended for space cake bakers!

Space cake has always been a popular treat for any cannabis lover. But make your space cake with buds from our Passion Fruit variety and you can enjoy a space fruit cake like no other! Passion Fruit grows with a fruity aroma and a splash of Passion fruit scent. This variety grows with a pronounced resin frosting on the buds and fan leaves. She is popular with growers that produce cannabis concentrates and has many repeat growers.

Non-stick spray or lining paper
• 2 teaspoons of baking powder
Space cake is made like a normal cake, but with the addition of THC and other cannabinoids from cannabis.
• 200g (1 cup) of sugar

With these so called “1:1 varieties” the levels of THC and CBD are broadly similar. The THC and CBD levels are often both around 5-12%. In a THC rich cannabis variety the THC can reach as high as 25-30% in extreme cases. That could be several times more THC than you would get from a low THC 1:1 variety.

Read on if you want to find out how to make space cake. Learn the various techniques and methods used for making space cakes easily at home.