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space bucket grow

Space bucket grow

My pick for this would be the Apollo UFO light. It claims 180 W but due to efficiency losses during transfer, it measures 109 W from the wall.

Another popular tactic is to use LED rope lighting to line the inside of the space bucket.
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If you add additional buckets to your set up, you can increase the room for the plant to grow up to 3-4 feet tall.
A rough approximiation for yields is 1 gram per watt in a perfect set up. That means you’d yield 109 grams which is just over 3 ounces.
You can continue to stack buckets as your plant grows so there really isn’t a limit to how high you can grow your plants.
Since a space bucket is round, having a round LED that perfectly fits in the bucket is the best way to max out your yields.
If you can’t afford a high end LED then you can use the classic CFL design but beware that you’re giving up some potential yield.

So while you can stack your bucket up to the ceiling, you won’t want to since you get minimal gains past a certain point. That point will depend on the strength of your lights and the diameter of your buckets but for a normal 5 gallon bucket build, anything past 4 feet tall won’t help you out much.

Space Buckets are one of the cheapest and easiest ways to get started growing marijuana at home.

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Below are the materials we used in 1 Assembled Grow Bucket contains:
Power Strip, PC Fan & Bucket Fan Adapter, Bucket Fan Adapter Screws & Nuts, 12v power supply, Fabric Grow Bag, Base 5 Gallon Bucket, Bucket extension (Set of 2), Reservoir Watering Bucket, Plastic Wick Cup, Top 5 Gallon Bucket, 24-Hour Timer, Strip of Electrical Tape

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*Hand made in the USA.
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9 Easy Steps to Build your own Space Bucket Video:
HOMEMADE GROW BUCKET (fully assembled) for sale – space bucket (150W Full Spectrum grow LED Light and Power Cord NOT INCLUDED, sold separately)
150W Full Spectrum LED Light. The space bucket is meant to work with a LED grow light of this circumference.

We have success in our attempt to build these Space Buckets. Here’s what we did. Please feel free to ask us questions or give us feedback! Currently, we have iterated and is on v3! Subscribe for updates and improvements.

We have success in our attempt to build these Space Buckets. Here's what we did… Please feel free to ask us questions or give us feedback! Currently, we ha…