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space bucket for sale

Space bucket for sale

  • Ultimate Auto by Dutch Passion – easy to grow, very high yielding (usually yields more than any other plant grown in the same conditions), and has responded well to multiple different grow lights. The smooth-smoking buds promote relaxation and good vibes. The perfect daytime strain (not too heavy) and well-loved by those looking for more classic mental effects. The potency has been described as reminiscent of California weed from the 1990s and early 2000s – $35 for 3 seeds

Once the wiring is done, glue a container on the lid for safety, like this:
Plant directly in the main bucket, turn on the lights and timer, and watch life thrive and grow.

Once the fans are in place, connect the 12v power supply to them.
This is where you will connect the plug from the lights (and timer) and the 12v power supply for the fans, among other things.
Optional Extras and Upgrades
Nebula’s Pick:
Also, don’t forget to cover the outside walls with layers of black tape or paint, this will make the Space Bucket mostly lightproof and will let you control light leaks.

Space Buckets have proven to be an easy and inexpensive to set up while plants thrive. After I made my first space bucket, the rest was history. I’ve been building the Space Buckets community over the last year and I invite you to join us.

Ekrof explains how to start growing marijuana for about $100 using a technique known as "Space Buckets"

Space bucket for sale


Here’s an example of a space bucket with an inline fan attached to the bucket.
The standard way of removing the marijuana smell from your grow area is by using a strong fan and a large carbon filter to remove the smell of your exhaust air.

Inline fans can be really loud and are pretty bulky.
Anybody walking near your space bucket will be able to hear the fan when it’s running and that might ruin any stealth you’re trying to achieve.
But how do you connect a carbon filter to your Space Bucket? There are two main ways.
Space Buckets were originally made to grow weed as cheaply as possible but they had the side benefit of being very stealthy.
For context, that’s a 150 liter bucket that’s been turned into a space bucket.

There’s no way around it; no alternatives; no other options. Active carbon filters are the only way to fully remove the smell of marijuana.

One of the trickiest things about growing weed is keeping it stealthy and hidden.