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sour stomper strain

I topped her once and supercropped once and that was more or less my only interactions with her. I just watched her really.

Nutrients : Field Marshal range: Veg/Bloom + Silica. Canna range; Calmag – PK 13/14.
Strain : Sour Stomper

Aroma level whilst growing: 7
Harsher than the AvT, so it’ll need a bit more curing but it hits really hard at first and is very absorbing. It mushes your mind and you become easily confused, doesn’t last long though and it mellows into a real head swim and you can’t stop giggling. My partner knows when I’ve had a toke on this cause I’ve got a perma-grin afterwards and everything is hilarious, even Gregg Wallace! Evidence of its magic if nothing else!
Lighting type : 600w HPS
Days from sprout to harvest : 73
Final plant size : Didn’t measure height

Grow space (tent, spacebucket) : 3×3 tent

r/MephHeads: A home for growers of Mephisto Genetics.

Amazing bag appeal. Thickest frost I have ever seen. Nice hard nuggs. No complaints.

Did it autoflower?:
Sure did
SeedBank :
Mephisto Genetics

Flavours are similar to smells, just more muted and she smokes more musky and earthy. Very tasty don’t get me wrong, just doesn’t taste quite as strong as she smells while growing

: ****
An “anytime” stash for me, and a great one! Solid hybrid. Great yield off her, so I was hitting her up morning/noon/night and she always delivered the goods
Sour Stomper
Sour Stomper
Stronger while growing, than after cure . STRONG grape candy or grape bubblegum smell with some light sour funk while growing. Sweet candy fruity smell remains after cure but with a much stronger (than while growing) earthy and musky OG influence.
Did it autoflower?:
Sure did

RATE SCALE: (*) = bad, to (*****) = great

SeedBank : Mephisto Genetics Strain: Sour Stomper Did it autoflower?: Sure did Soil/hydro: GH Water Farm Nutes: GH Flora Nova Bloom, GH Liquid…