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sour og strain

Sour og strain

Cali Connections Sour OG is a cupwinning variety and won 3 awards between 2016 and 2018!

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Type: 60/40 Sativa/Indica
Flowering time: 8 weeks
Yield: 600+ grams/m2

The taste / flavour of Sour OG was characterized as partially Sour (a bit of Dairy) and additionally as a little bit Sweet (a little bit Sugar). . read more
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2% Spacy / Confusing
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Sour OG breed by The Cali Connection Here you can find all info about Sour OG from The Cali Connection . If you are searching for information about Sour OG from The Cali Connection, check

Sour og strain

Sour OG can showcase both of its parents’ best qualities. Intense, sour whiffs of Diesel’s rubbery funk are mellowed out only by dank, earthy notes of Kush. The strain’s high follows a similar pattern for me, pushing my spirits up with focused, creative enthusiasm as I’m YouTube-ing Tex Avery cartoons, only to lull me back into the dirt within a couple of hours. The intense highs and lows of Sour OG definitely qualify it as a hybrid, but it’s not as even-keeled as Flo or Hercules, so stay away from this strain until at least the afternoon if you have any daytime responsibilities.

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Flavor: Sour OG carries tart, funky flavors, with sweet floral notes that stick to the sides of your tongue; earthy tastes of Kush round it out.

Effects: It’s a fifty-fifty hybrid, all right, but much more of an oil-water combination than anything. The beginning of the high, creative and energetic, is extremely different from its later hours, which are sedating and hunger-inducing. Medical benefits can include treating mental anguish, exhaustion, headaches, glaucoma and eating disorders.
Smell: Lovers of the old-school will appreciate Sour OG’s classic mixture and the way it showcases its heritage. The beginning scent of gasoline, complete with skunky and sour notes, is balanced out by a sweet, floral and earthy back end.
Sour OG rose to prominence thanks to the Cali Connection, a California seed bank that crossed Sour Diesel with SFV OG, a West Coast phenotype of OG Kush. Originally called 818 Headband (after an area code in Los Angeles), the sour, earthy hybrid quickly gained popularity, but users began calling it Sour OG as it spread out of L.A., and Denver has taken to the latter moniker. A few shops such as Frosted Leaf and Kind Pain Management carry strains and concentrates labeled 818 Headband, but Sour OG’s name is on far more menus around town.
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Sour OG rose to prominence thanks to the Cali Connection, a California seed bank that crossed Sour Diesel with San Fernando Valley OG, a West Coast phenotype of OG Kush. Originally called 818 Headband, the sour, earthy hybrid quickly gained popularity as users began calling it "Sour OG."