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sour haze weed

Sour haze weed
Sour Haze marijuana will give users a few adverse effects. The easiest to treat is dry eyes and cottonmouth. If you are someone who is planning to use cannabis on a regular basis, then you will want to stock up on water, and eye drops. Not all users eyes will get red, however, they will feel dry, so moisturizing eye drops are the best way to go.
The smoke is potent, and may not only burn a user’s lungs, but their nostrils and eyes as well. Exhaling, this strain will provide the users with a lemon scent, which makes up for all the burning (pun intended here), that occurs.
Pesky mental ailments like stress, depression, and anxiety can be gone as soon as a user wakes up. Wake and bake is a term for a reason, and it can significantly impact a users life. If you typically get anxious first thing in the morning, then this might be the perfect cure for you.
How will you know if you got the right clippings? Well, the first thing you should take note of is the height of your plant. Sour Haze plants grow tall, and don’t grow out in a bushy manner.
The word relaxed, when used with describing the Sour Haze marijuana, is not as black and white as you would think. Users will feel more comfortable in the sense that a majority of their worries and fears will melt away, being replaced with happiness.
The THC content in this strain can cause users to get a bit dizzy as their high really starts to build. Dizziness can hit users in a slightly uncomfortable way, or it can be so severe that vomiting may ensue. This will be 100% situational to the person, sort of how roller coasters are. Everyone has their own tolerance to an upset stomach, so some may throw-up from the dizzy feelings, and others may be fine, by just laying down for a bit.
You will get a whiff, or taste of these scents, at different times throughout your cannabis experience.
In a nutshell, the Sour Haze strain covers many terpenes giving you an overall aroma of:
Being a Sativa, with high THC, means a massive head high is going to hit within two minutes. While you will feel buzzed, it will be a functional buzz, like the kind you get from drinking a shot of espresso. Tasks that used to seem too detailed or complicated can now be tackled, with great ease. Work-related projects like graphs, charts, and presentations can be easily completed in half the time.
Have you noticed that the sour flavor has been poking its head everywhere lately? Between food, candy, beer, and now marijuana, the bitter taste is the go-to trending flavor that shouldn't be ignored. The tart flavor has come a long way since the Sour Patch Kid days, and if you weren't …