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sour face

Sour face
Here’s an activity: Get a lemon, peel it and keep a straight face while you eat the whole thing.
“We were eating so much fruit that we didn’t miss it,” said Breslin, who is also a a sensory biologist at the Monell Chemical Senses Center in Philadelphia.
Words like “acid” and “sour” get a bad rap, but modern humans are actually very fond of sourness in the right context. In fruits such as apples and oranges, sweet and sour flavors create a delicious balance that reflects our ancestors’ diets and leads us to consume vitamin C. On the savory side, sourness can indicate fermentation, which has been around for humans’ entire evolutionary journey.
Well, most people don’t. For those that do, at least they won’t get scurvy.
Scientists can speculate as to what that signal might be, but they don’t know for sure.
Scientists don’t know for sure, but there’s a good chance that the answer involves three things: protons, vitamin C and the tropical-fruit buffet our ancestors were enjoying back when they lived in trees. [Are Bananas Doomed?]
“We lost the ability to make our own vitamin C because we ate it all the time,” Paul Breslin, a professor in the Department of Nutritional Sciences at Rutgers University in New Jersey, told Live Science.
“Most of the fruits that we eat are not super sour,” he said. “People don’t go out of their way to bite into lemons or limes.”
Could you do it? No, probably not. How is it that a fist-size fruit has the power to make you move your muscles against your will?
Here’s why people make that "sour" face.
In autumn ’92, Sour Face were one of several local acts who were granted free studio time by Durham Arts Council. After initial recording sessions on an 8 Track porta-studio at Fowler’s Yard in Durham, the majority of which the band never even obtained a copy of, the second self-titled demo was recorded over two days at the 16 track studio Northern Recording in Consett. Another local band to be granted free recording time was Voorhees who used the sessions to record their second demo and ‘Violent. ‘ 7″. All sessions were engineered by Ian McCallum (now the guitarist of Stiff Little Fingers) and Ged Boyle who made it totally obvious they completely hated both bands resulting in the finished recordings being substandard efforts.
1st line-up (1991)
Fill – voice / Dave – guitar / Ben – bass / Kev – drums
2nd line-up (1992)
Fill – voice / Lukey – guitar / Ben – bass / Michael – drums
After Sour Face’s debut demo ‘Butter It’ received a 10/10 review in Paint It Red, the listings magazine of Newcastle Riverside, the venue promptly booked them to support Lawnmower Deth but as all of the band members were aged between 13-16 at the time the Riverside had to apply for a special under-age entertainers license fom the local council to allow them to perform there. Sour Face would perform at the Riverside a handful of times in all including a legendary chaotic gig supporting Sham 69 where a stage invasion by the intoxicated mainly middle-aged Skinhead audience during their set caused a near riot and the gig to be ended prematurely and the band rushed offstage by the venue’s security. On another occasion, the venue’s security initially refused the band entry to their own gig!
Dave Lyon, then of China Drum, played drums at a couple of gigs inbetween Kev leaving and Michael joining. After Fill left, at least one gig was played with Michael on vocals and original guitarist Dave on drums.
3rd line-up (1993)
Ged – voice / Lukey – guitar / Ben – bass / Michael – drums
Alongside Voorhees, some other N.E bands of the time Sour Face supported and/or played alongside were China Drum, Hellbastard, Yardstick, The Campus Tramps, The Lavender Faction (feat. Rich Myers, Ben’s brother’s, on bass), Ragnarok, The Rye, Spit The Pips, Catharsis, The Hangarounds, Submission, Captain Trevelyan, amongst many others.
Gaining a large local following of fellow teenage Punk and Alternative Music fans, Sour Face also regularly played Durham City venues such as Fowler’s Yard, The Funky Slug Club at Riverside (aka Klute), where they once supported UK Subs, and The Rowing Club where, during summer ’91, they supported NOFX on their first UK tour and played on the same ‘Pay or Play’ bill alongside Voorhees at their debut gig,
“Teenage Punk Rock Kings Of Durham” active 1991-93.
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