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sonic green cannabis

Sonic green cannabis

We liked #7 the best as well! The entire team voted and that was the winner!

Be sure to let us know what you think about each new strain you try! Leave your feedback in the comments below and you will earn 100 LOYALTY REWARD POINTS!
I recently tried the Golden Girl and was definitely impressed! It had an immediate head buzz that brought on giggles and euphoria, similar to other cookie strains. It had a great taste as well, flavorful until the very end. This girl is a fan of the Golden Girl for sure!

Edit: I cannot wait to see what the analysis between the genome 1 and 7 of Banana turns out to be. Strain 7 was more potent than 1…by far..
Banana Diesel is a nice end of the day smoke. Relaxing but not too heavy. Love the banana flavor with the sour diesel after taste. Buds are dense and smoke nice and long. A perfect before dinner strain as it stimulates the appetite.
I want to thank GMC staff for always taking good care of me every time I come in. GMC have the BEST strains in COLORADO period… I’ve tried white diesel,white goji,loud jilly and I’ve tried all of their flowers and NEVER DISAPPOINTED ME.Come check GMC for your self and you’ll be amazed by their products and the caring staff that they have with excellent customer service. I don’t work for GMC and I just love the their high quality products that will not disappoint you and they even have a restroom that you can use before you go in. Thank you GMC for having the BEST SHIET in COLORADO AND YOUR STAFF
I tried 5 strains from the South location and was most impressed by two of them. Banana Diesel was my favorite. It was very relaxing but at the same time, did not knock me out like the Grape would. The Golden Girl was my runner up. The flavor was wonderful! I am not an sativa fan that much, but this had just enough to not make me paranoid.
Loud Jilly and Ghost Trotter (still think you missed calling this globe trotter) where a little to sativa heavy for me.
I tried the Sour Goat and was very pleased with my purchase. It is a cross of Golden Goat (one of my favorites) and Loud Sour. Was a nice warm, energetic high that I love from the Golden Goat with a wonderful flavor. I would recommend this for a nice sunny afternoon walk or outdoor activity.

Loud Jilly is a great new addition to the menu. A nice balanced hybrid that allows me to get stuff done, but not too racy to where I am anxious. A good smoke that tastes well and gives a nice balance body and head high.

New Strains at Green Man! It’s always an exciting time when our GMC grow team brings flower deliveries to each store, but the excitement is taken to another level when the delivery contains