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soma strain

12- Best with a good Meal/Munchies – New York City Diesel

6- Best for Action/Adventuring – Amnesia Haze
10- Best Tasting/Smoking experience – New York City Diesel

4- Best for the Novice Grower (AKA Foolproof!) – So Gouda
13- Best Knock-out/Wheelchair – Reclining Buddha
3- Best for Sleep/Relaxation – Free Tibet
2- Best for Creativity – Buddha’s Sister
7- Best Medicinal – RockBud

Soma is a 53 year old Rastafarian who is spiritually dedicated to the Sacred cannabis plant. He has been working with the plant for 35 years. He wears pants and shirts made out of it, smokes it constantly,he has a prescription for 10 grams a day, and studies every aspect of the marijuana phenomenon.

Soma Seeds has some great strains such as amnesia haze and new york city diesel. Visit our webshop Growshop Alien to know more about soma seeds. Soma is a medical cannabis user and is the breeder of many famous cannabis strains that u can smoke in coffeeshops. CHECK OUT OUR STORE