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sog tigershark elite

Sog tigershark elite

I came across my SOG Tigershark Elite fixed blade knife in a unique way. A week before, I had bought a BS cheapest, dumbest knife ever Master Cutlery Rambo 2 knife. I swear that knife is made with tin cans. I could bend its blade with my bare hands and even no gloves. Also, the knife came damaged and the serrations on the top of the blade were all very unevenly cut. And here, this knife is supposed to be a Certified Authentic and direct usable replica of the original knife made by late great Jimmy Lile.

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I highly recommend this knife to anyone and everyone, but unless you are accompanied by an adult when buying it and with any and every time you use it, then I do not suggest it for you. This knife is definitely not a toy, and it is not to joke around with or to play with. Doing so could cause some very serious injuries and even death. Even adults should use this knife with extreme caution.

But then I came across the SOG SEAL Teams S37-K knife that he had, which was about the same price as the cheapo made Rambo 2 knife. I looked up the SEAL SOG, and it had outstanding reviews, aside from it being the actual SEAL Teams issued knife, which has went through countless testing by the US Navy SEAL Teams.
Anyway, I immediately contacted the Ebay seller I bought it from and set it up to be returned for a full refund. I still wanted a good solid knife, so he helped guide me to more practical and valuable knives on his site. He suggested the Recon Sxcout by Cold Steel, but I wasn’t interested in paying More money, so I passed it up, and glad I did, because I have heard bad reviews on it.
I then came across the SOG Tigershark knife, which right under it was the brand new Tigershark Elite version. It sports a 9 inch blade with serrations for wood notching, etc.. all up and down the top of the blade. It sported a handguard with an end cap that holds it in place at the top of the handle and has a very sharp metal point, and it is actually called a skull-crusher tool. After seeing it in person, I strongly believe that if used rough against an opponent and in self-defense, it would do just that.
I have been told, and I believe, that there are just a couple of companies that use Aus-8 steel for their knife blades and that actually know exactly how to properly heat treat and temper them to where they are the best quality. The knife makers told me that of the very few that do, SOG is the top of the top of the line company that knows how to do this with Aus-8 steel. SOG’s Aus-8 steel is a superb and even beyond match in some cases, to knives that have SK-5 blades. I found out that with the perfected way SOG treats and tempers their Aus-8 steel, their knives made with it is just as good in ruggedness and performance as ones made with SK-5 and D2 steel, and even outperform some SK-5 and D2 steel knives.
Update: June 25, 2011

Well, it has been just over a month since I bought and owned my awesome SOG Tigershark Elite fixed blade knife, which is the biggest and the baddest knife in the SOG SEAL Teams family. Anyway, after owning it for some time now, it is still truly one awesome, massive knife.

Hello, I came across my SOG Tigershark Elite fixed blade knife in a unique way. A week before, I had bought a BS cheapest, dumbest knife ever Master Cutlery Rambo 2 knife.