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smoking weed tricks

Smoking weed tricks

• Shotgun a Blunt

Bonus video: how to smell weed with Julian Marley while high af:
Cannabis use in America reportedly reached an all-time high in March, 2020, as lockdown measures aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus went into effect in many communities throughout the country.

• Bane Mask (pictured in gif)
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• Blow an O Through an O
From serving as a home entertainment hub to being a valuable business tool, portable pocket-sized projectors have really come into their own the last few years. But while manufacturers have packed more power and more capability into these mini marvels, they’re still usually too delicate or too dangerous for a child to use safely. The […]
If you wanted to understand physics, you’d probably want to talk to Albert Einstein. If you were trying to unlock the art of filmmaking, you might want to chat with Martin Scorsese. And if you were interested in the inner workings of basketball, you’d enjoy a sit down with Michael Jordan. If you’re trying to […]

Here’s a 10-minute video on how to impress your stoner friends next time you’re smoking that pot and bad-mouthing America. Six easy tricks: Here's a 10-minute video on how to impress your stoner friends next time you're smoking that pot and bad-mouthing America. Six easy tricks: • Smoke Tornado • Bane Mask (pictured in gif) • Smoke Ring • Shotgun a Blunt • Blow an O Through an O • Jellyfish Bonus video: how to smell weed…

Smoking weed tricks

Kidding. Don’t go out and buy a pack of Lucky Strikes now.

There are basically two ways to do it — either with a cardboard paper towel roll, or just your hands.
The ghost inhale is another popular trick that you’ve probably seen. The difference between this one and the first two, however, is the ghost inhale is pretty freaking easy to do. So, you’ll spend a lot less time practicing and a lot more time showing off your sweet new skills to your stoner friends.

For the waterfall, all you need to do is take a big ol’ hit of some pot and exhale into the bottle that contains a little bit of ice on the bottom. Then, just tip over the bottle, and the smoke starts flowing like the wine of Capistrano. This effect happens because the ice at the bottom chills the smoke, which makes it sink to the bottom. Cold air always sinks, after all.
The only cool smoke tricks out there are the ones that you do with ganja. NOT cigarettes. And there’s plenty of them to go around. The only problem? You don’t know how to do them yet.
First, gather up all the smoke you inhaled in your mouth. Let it sit in your cheeks for a second or two. Then, open your mouth and make a ring, or ‘O’ shape with your lips. Now, don’t exhale, but simply push the smoke out of your mouth by opening and closing your throat. This way, the small throat movements will only release a little bit of smoke in the time, and, if done correctly, they should be in the shape of a ring. However, this trick definitely requires some patience and practice to perfect.
This is a fairly easy trick to do with practice — however, it might require extra material.
We decided to take a look at some of the coolest of the cool-guy smoke tricks, and teach you guys ourselves. Wanna learn how to do smoke tricks and become a total badass? Just keep on reading, friend-o.

Just simply combine the two.

Up your game and toke up like a pro.