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smoke buddy diy

Step 2: grab your lighter, and heat up the knife, (or you could just cut it without heating it up but I found it easier to heat it up first) then cut a small hole, about the size of a nickle on the bottle of the bottle

3: some sort of cloth that can soak up the essential oil
5: some sort of knife and/or lighter

1: an empty spice bottle (with the kind of lid that has a bunch of holes)
Okay so once you get all of the above needed items, what you’re gonna wanna do is:
Step 4 (optional, although perfered): get a dryer sheet and put it over the nickle sized hole then tape it in place. This keeps the essential oil from getting into your mouth.
Step 5: put the hole-shaker part back on (of you had took it off)
Step 3: cut up your cloth into a few peices, then soak it in the essential oil, and put the cloth in the spice bottle.

4: 1 dryer sheet (optional)

Hey, so I've been smoking for a few years now, and ive always wanted to find a way to make a smoke buddy (unlike the dryer sheet and toilet paper roll smoke…