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skunky buds

Skunky buds

Due to the EN 50332-2, the sound pressure has to be below 100dB. You can try to increase the sound volume control on your phone and media audio app.

A great purchase . perfect and accurate delivery and packaging times but the real surprise were these headphones . easy to wear . they match your smartphone with a rapidity. Quality and full-bodied basses that surprised me the small dimensions. The charging phase of both the housing (in which a LED is visible and depending on the frequency of the flashes indicates the charging status of the same) is also intuitive, as well as the earphones which flash until full charge has been completed. The shipping was very fast and the packaging is very simple. I will still be satisfied with the purchase and I will buy them again if I put them back on offer.
These headphones sound like good wired beats !!
sounds is clear loud and have good bass !!
its super light you don’t feel any have stuff on your ears that’s peaty much supper !
battery says 3hrs but I don’t know I listening to my musing half day no problem not continuously with some pauses.
I recommend these headphones for everyone!

If the earpieces are in low battery, they will not connect with each other stably. So you can put them into the charging case to fully charge. Additionally, confirm the charging case has electricity.
1. Please download the firmware from ASUS official website.
They are easy to use, in fact just press the button located on the earphones and these automatically turn on the Bluetooth, which can be connected directly from the phone without downloading any application. These Bluetooth headphones are the best you could wish for: 1) music feels great, bass present very high and balanced, 2) The battery lasts you a lot, and I use it disproportionately, 3) The pairing and the Bluetooth have no problems and allow you to stay even far from the device. a great choice for those who want headphones of excellent quality. The shipping was very fast and the packaging is very simple. I will still be satisfied with the purchase and I will buy them again if I put them back on offer.
It feels great and when you speak the audio is good and the others can hear. My brother connected them to his Samsung S8 and my sister-in-law to his Samsung S6 so they can use them both. The charging base is very convenient to carry both to keep in the office suitcase either in a pocket or in the car. They are comfortable to wear even if they do not have support for the sport that fits and turns around the ear. The beauty of the product is, in fact, the possibility of using them individually or in pairs, they work anyway. In a few days of use, it is considered very satisfied with the product. Overall so very satisfied, I recommend it to those who do not want to spend a boat of money, maintaining an excellent quality/price ratio. I am satisfied.
I use these for walking around town and a different set of wired (ear to ear) Bluetooth earbuds with over ear hooks when more active, although with those the wire around the back of the neck can snag and drag so these individual buds are better in that respect.
The main problem however is these individual buds are sometimes difficult to get snug when inserting and need a bit of practice for them to stay in securely. They have not fallen out as yet but I keep giving them a little twist to try and maintain grip. Also with the size of tips I have to use a lot of volume is lost, so I need to override the phones safety limit to get a reasonable audio level. If you can get them to sit deeper and tighter than me you will get a lot more volume.
I’ve only talked on the phone a couple of times but they seem to work OK and the callers didn’t complain.
Being able to just lightly tap them to stop and start audio is useful when moving amongst people as you can respond to someone quickly rather than fiddling around for a button while they wait. You do have to get used to gently tapping just enough so you don’t dislodge them.
Just a couple of times over quite a few hours use, the right earbud has lost connection and then immediately reconnected. That’s not a problem for me.
All this may put some people off but I still find them useful in the right circumstances.

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For one single charge, the headphones can support around 3 hours of play. And the charging case supports 9 hours of play for the headphones.

Tronsmart Encore Spunky Buds Bluetooth Earphones, True Wireless Stereo Earbuds, with IPX5 Water Resistance and Inbuilt Mic for iPhone, Android – Black

The flavor of this strain is special and will remind you of sweet candy with an earthy and floral edge. It may be described as sweet shop candy with the old school funk from the Skunk. She will probably be one of the sweetest autoflowering strains you will ever try!

Our Original Auto Skunk is a perfect combination of sensations and flavors. It’s a marijuana variety created for those who love pleasure and know how to savor every fine morsel of life. Tasty and exemplary overall, this is without a doubt, one of our best auto flowering strains. It’s a hybrid formed from an ideal combination of genetics.
Plants will grow with a medium height finishing in about 2 months . A rapid producer that does not waste anytime, meaning she is a great strain for beginner growers or commercial growers and those who plant outdoors and want a perpetual harvest during the year. Expect yields of 400-500gr/m2 and for Original Auto Skunk to grow small golf ball nugs, that turn white with resin and a purple hue, adding to her bag appeal even further.

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The sweetest strain in our Original Line as well as one of our quickest to be ready for harvest. A very easy to grow variety that reaches up to 20% THC. A hard and durable autoflowering strain that handles bad weather with ease. Thanks to the Skunk heritage, she is perfectly suited for growers experiencing short Summers and colder climates. This mostly indica hybrid will only need 8 weeks to grow from seed to harvest, making her the number one choice for growers looking for a super fast plant that yields well. The effects are elevating and uplifting with a nicely balance physical effect.
Original Auto Skunk’s buds are frosted white with pink and purple hues, with an abundance of electric orange hairs. The buds are dense with a good size, and swollen calyx that release an aroma of forest fruits and candy. The aroma alone can give you a sweet tooth just from the captivating essence she contains.
If growing outdoors it is possible to harvest this girl every two months, meaning it is possible to grow from Spring until the end of Summer consistently. Planting a large number of seeds closely together will enhance yields further, due to her uniform low profile characteristics as this girl does incredibly well in a Sea of Green. She is highly reliable outdoors and thanks to the short flowering period, you can be sure to produce fantastic results with little maintenance.
The effects are quick and long lasting as this girl will keep you constantly buzzed with a calming feeling. She is not too heavy, or racy and will make you feel like talking, laughing and will immediately put you in a fun and carefree mood. Strongly recommended for kicking back with friends, out socializing, or for staying alert and upbeat throughout the day.

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The sweetest strain in our Original Line as well as one of our quickest to be ready for harvest. A very easy to grow variety that reaches up to 20% THC. A hard and durable autoflowering strain that handles bad weather with ease.