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skunk sativa

Skunk sativa

During the 80’s Sam Skunkman brought the Skunk to Europe (Netherlands) and sold some seeds under the name of Cultivator’s Choice. The remaining stock of seeds was then bought by Neville Shoenmakers, owner of The Seed Bank, later to become the Sensi Seed Bank.

Island Sweet Skunk from Next Generation Seeds
We could literally find hundreds of strains developed from Skunk genetics, or at least with Skunk genes in their gene pool.

  • Sensi Seeds offers the popular Super Skunk, Sensi Skunk, Shiva Skunk, Big Bud.
  • Mr Nice Seedbank has the Critical Mass, Shit, Devil, G13 Skunk.
  • Dutch Passion sells Mazar, Green Spirit, Trance.
  • We can also find Warlock from Magus Genetics, Critical+ from Dinafem, LSD from Barney?s Farm, Kannabia Special from Kannabia, Channel+ from Medical Seeds, Kritikal Bilbo from Genehtik, Mamba Negra from Blim Burn Seeds, la Rica from Elite Seeds or Philo Skunk / Gokunk from Philosopher Seeds!

Gokunk from Philosopher Seeds
Nowadays, we find two main Skunk#1 variations: on one hand, we have Sam Skunkman’s “Sweet Skunk“, a mostly Sativa genetics with sweet, refined aromas and a very pleasant effect. On the other hand, the “Roadkill Skunk” – developed by Neville, who is currently working with Mr. Nice Seedbank – is an Afghani dominant Skunk line, with very intense aroma and a more relaxing effect.
Skunk from Sensi Seeds
The Skunk is, doubtless, one of the most widely known and grown cannabis strains worldwide. The Skunk marijuana is a poly hybrid between two Sativa landraces – Colombian Gold and Acapulco Gold – and an Afghani Indica purebred.

Today, the Skunk#1 is considered a stable and homogeneous plant, what explains why it is so oftenly used to develop new hybrids such as Haze x Skunk or Seedsman’s Hawaïan Skunk.

The Skunk is, probably, the most renowned marijuana genetics worldwide. In this post we tell you the origins of this legendary strain, a true wonder f