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How long will it take to ship my order to me once processed?

After your order has been processed by our shipping department, it will be picked up by Canada Post and with the assistance of your local mail delivery service (such as USPS in the United States), your order will be delivered to your door. Delivery time is based on your delivery location and selected shipping method and estimates are as follows (to recall the delivery method selected, please check your confirmation e-mail or click here) :
What if I made a mistake in my shipping address?

Order processing time can vary based on demand and we are making every effort to reduce processing time. Currently, processing times are estimated at between one and two business days. Once your order has been processed and shipped you will receive a Shipping Confirmation E-mail to the e-mail address provided on check-out letting you know your order has shipped. If you believe your order should have shipped and you haven’t received a Shipping Confirmation E-mail, please check your spam/junk e-mail folder. To find out if your order has been shipped, please click here.
The following are answers to common questions we receive about processing and shipping times and tracking information. If you would like to check the status of your order, please click here.
What about duties, import fees and local taxes?
*Delivery to remote areas or non-major urban centres may take additional business days. If your delivery address is outside of Canada, your order may be delayed by your country’s customs office for a short period until it is released. Also, please note that these delivery times are in addition to our processing times mentioned above. A business days is any weekday that is not a holiday and shipping estimates do not include the day the order is shipped.
You are responsible for paying any duties, import fees or taxes charged by your local government; however, for the majority of our customers, no duties, import fees or local taxes are charged. For further information about any additional fees which may be charged by your country, please contact your country’s customs office. Refunds will not be provided where your failure to pay such fees results in the product not being delivered.

Regular Shipping : 7 – 14 business days*
Expedited Shipping (where available): 4 – 10 business days*

Common questions we receive about processing and shipping times and tracking information.

Skinny mint tracking

4. Sleep

3. Hydrate
Eliminate all refined foods: no white grains, white sugars, processed foods, fried foods, dairy, artificial sweetener or alcohol (trust me I know this last one is hard, I love my #winenotweekends). But these foods cause inflammation and bloating, so it’s best to opt-in a clean diet with lots of colourful fruits and veg, whole grains, nuts, seeds and legumes.

As for taste, the Morning Boost teatox is delicious! In fact I was surprised by just how tasty this tea was. It has a subtle sweetness and tropical vibes. Typically I find detox teas to be really earthy with a slight liquorice taste, but this is fresh. I would drink this tea regardless of being on a cleanse it’s so delicious. The night cleanse does have more typical detox flavour – it’s earthy from the lemongrass and peppermint, and has a slight liquorice taste from the liquorice root. Even still, it’s quite enjoyable. I did notice however that I had to follow the recommended steeping time otherwise I found the liquorice to get too strong.
Here are my favourite 4 tips to a healthy detox:
We all have those times of indulgence, #yolo. Whether it’s one too many glasses of wine with the girls, or a holiday in Italy where it’s a crime not to have pizza and Aperol spritz at every opportunity; these life enjoyments are put back on track with a good detox. I also love a detox before a big event, like an upcoming wedding or vacation where I want to feel confident. So needless to say, I’m no stranger to detoxing. From a 3-day juice cleanse to a 7-day slim down meal plan, I’ve been mere sips away from having blended parsley coming out of my ears!
This blog post is to talk to you about how to detox healthy. I’m currently undergoing a 28-day detox with the help of SkinnyMint’s 28 Day Teatox. They had reached out about sending me their detox tea to try, and I jumped at the chance. If you haven’t noticed already, I am a sucker for a good detox. I live a pretty healthy lifestyle as is: working out often and eating a healthy plant-based diet. But even still, there are times where I fall into ruts and feel bloated and blah.
The SkinnyMint program also comes with lots of easy and healthy lifestyle tips to see best results on your cleanse: like walking a minimum of 30 minutes every day, swapping white grain products for brown to limit bloating, having an early dinner at 25% of your daily calories, and getting a good nights sleep. They also recommended against going hungry, and to opt in for healthy snacks like cashews, oatmeal, and pineapple. At the end of the day it’s about caring for our body and fuelling it in the right ways to get the best results: a healthy diet, an active lifestyle, and a little teatox for good measure.

This is key to a healthy cleanse, and lifestyle for that matter. Instead of watching another epi of West World, wind down in bed with a book and try to get 8 hours of sleep a night. I recently listened to a podcast about sleep and how important it is for our health, metabolism, longevity, and brain function. It’s crazy! But also, when we get a good nights sleep we are more inclined to make the right food choices. When I’m sleep deprived I tend to reach for those sugary snacks and high carb foods as an energy boost, and this is a big no!

Healthy Detox Tips: with SkinnyMint 28-Day Teatox This blog post is to talk to you about how to detox healthy . I’m currently undergoing a 28-day detox with the help of SkinnyMint’s 28 Day