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single cola grow

Single cola grow
Rather than 4 plants per square foot I’m doing 1 per square foot as is need like 200 clones otherwise.

I’m mainlining the plants to have 4 tops from a very low height. So I have a 1 plant per square foot sog with 4 tops.
I’ll just have to see if I can keep the plants crammed in my veg room for first 2 weeks of stretch. If I can then I can prune before moving to flower room.
I run high powered LED true equilevant of hps 20,000 lumens per square foot and 650w power draw each but a 3 oz cola I’ve done a lot of reading and have never heard of it.
I have a large sea of green going so i can’t bend them over either so I’d need the buds to grow atleast 20cm down stem I think.
I’m growing critical mass so I expect them to get quite big but 4 oz would be insane for one cola.
Thought a 3oz cola was near enough impossible but .75 oz per cola is achievable.
I guess I’ll try this grow with 4 tops and see how they do and if they do well I’ll try a single one at some point.
What’s he chances of me getting 3 oz off one cola though?
I've recently started trying to sog and for the life of me can't figure out the best way to do this. No matter what I do so far I end up getting a heck…
A sea of single cola’s. Who needs to smoke the lower “B” quality buds? Everyone knows the cola is the best smoke.
Days 1-7 – EC 1.50 GROW
Days 8-14 – EC 1.50 Bloom
Days 15-21 – EC 1.70 Bloom
Days 22-28 – EC 1.80 Bloom
Days 29-35 – EC 1.90 Bloom
Days 36-43 – EC 2.00 Bloom
Days 43-58 – EC 2.10 Bloom*
Days 59-66 – Flush
Contributed by: SOG
These are from a different cycle.
Clones are cut so that they are rooted when the previous cycle ends. The strain I use takes 14-21 days so I cut accordingly. When the clones are fully rooted in 1″ rockwool cubes, by rooted I mean completely busting out of the cubes with roots and not just a couple tap roots sticking out the bottom, they are placed onto the ebb & flow tableclick here to see How do I prep my ebb & flow table? and put under the 12/12 regime. The lights are also moved to the top position and moved down 6-8″ a day until desired height is reached. This helps them adjust to the light easier.
When flushed the water is flood to drain. If it returns to the reservoir it will send the EC way up and thus needing many more water changes.
* I have let it drift as high as 2.35 but only for a couple feedings near the end.

As you can see in these day 60 pictures, they finish quite small. That is a 1ft/30cm ruler used to give you a better perspective. Plants were flowered at roughly 6″ tall and finished up on average 18″, tallest is 23″. Why so small? With a 6′ ceiling, less 1.5 feet for reflector and spacing from plant, less another 1.5 feet because the table has to be higher than the reservoir to drain properly leaves me with 3 feet of grow space and supposedly a HID light only penetrates 3 feet down. This could also be incorporated nicely into a grow box with a small HID light. These ladies received 70 watts per square foot of air-cooled HPS lighting.
The following EC reading are just what I use for this particular strain, it seems to be quite strong for most of my others but it may help as a guide.
How do I grow single cola style, sea of green Ebb & Flow ? Contributed by: SOG For starters this should not be attempted with seedlings, a good mother plant that puts off consistent