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silver palm leaf pipe

Silver palm leaf pipe

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“There have only been two versions of the pipe, the original, currently sold in a white box and version 2, as was sold in a grey box.
“The back plate is loose” The plate has to be smaller than the recess it fits in to ensure it sits flat against the baffles. This was not the case with version 2. After one or two smokes the plate will stick to the main body and not move about.

The Silver Palm Leaf pipe has gone through a couple of incarnations, but we are proud to state that they have gone back to their original roots to bring you this perfect pipe. From the horse’s mouth:-
“It’s not the original” The pipe is produced using the original 1993 tooling, if it has the “tree” logo it is an original. The back plate should also carry the “hallmark” logo. This is the exact same product that has, among other things, been exhibited at the Design Museum and featured on the BBC Design awards.
The original, launched in 1993 is made by lost-wax casting stainless steel and the version 2 which was a die-cast zinc alloy.
The Credit Card Pipe is the original compact pipe with an in-built cooling system. The smoke travels through the channels cut into the metal base before it gets to the mouthpiece, cooling down as it goes. The stainless steel base is held on by strong magnets, making it easy to take apart for cleaning.
There are a few mis-conceptions about the Silver Palm Leaf that I’d like to clear up.

When we entered the naughties, in keeping with the times, we wanted produce a high chrome, mirror finish version, to achieve this we had to change the production method to die-casting ( version 2 ). Over time it became clear that the die-cast method produced an inferior product, it certainly did not withstand a lifetimes’ use. The choice was obvious, we had to return to our stainless steel roots.

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