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silkscreen hash

Silkscreen hash

Also called Glandular Trichomes. This type is the most common in buds and leafs of cannabis plants (they are only formed during the flowering stage of plants). The average size of their heads is slightly larger than sessile’s, and are the main producers of cannabinoids and terpenes. They are called like this precisely for the height of their stalk (150-500 microns). It is the only type of trichomes that has a layer of cells between the gland and the stalk; these cells can be broken, detaching the head from the stalk. This is why these trichomes are the most suitable ones to make top grade hashish.

Resin looking cleaner
From here, it is easy to see that, the more sizes used and sieves performed, the better the result will be. Once we have our top grade hash, we can still refine it with static lifts, using a videotape case wrapped with parchment paper.

Different types of hashish
Sieving resin glands
Inside the glandular trichome
The best dry sift hash is usually collected from buds cured for about 4-6 months (always, depending on phenotypes, drying and storage methods, etc.). We can either cure our buds before making hash or just dry our buds, make the hash and cure the resin. Obviously, it is much more convenient curing and storing resin than plants.
Trichome heads being sieved

Capitate-stalked trichomes:

In this post we present you a system to obtain top grade dry sift separations easily and without investing in expensive equipment. All we need to obta

Silkscreen hash

Now,here’s the way I’ve done it since the 70’s. I let bud dry completely and break it up by hand over a homemade paper funnel in a quart jar until it’s about half of the way full. I throw about 10 nickles in the jar. I stretch a piece of very fine nylon mesh over the mouth of the jar making sure it overlaps the sides well and stretch a rubber band around it to hold in the place. I put the jar lid on tight and begin to shake it rotating it as I do.

I have made a LOT of silk screen hash and can offer some tips that were gained from first-hand experience.
I then put a few grams into the screen frame and, keeping it above the cookie sheet, I rub it around and let the powder fall through, catching it on the cookie sheet. This is a pretty tedious process, so I usually put something good on TV, like Family Guy to help pass the time.

After a few minutes of shaking I hold the jar upside down at a 45 degree angle and carefully remove the lid over a white piece of paper. The trichs are collected in the lid. I then pour the trichs into a large mint tin. This first run is generally the best hash,as are the trichs held on the side of the jar by static. These I wipe out with my index finger. They go in the same tin.
After that I go through 2-3 more shakings until the trichs quit appearing on the lid and the side of the jar. These are put in another tin.
I find that my yield is about 2.5 grams of hash per ounce of bud,depending on the trich content and size.
I figured I would try to contribute to this thread as I have made hash many times and even just made some last night and will be making another batch in 5 days. I will put up a full pictoral following this post to demonstrate the way I make it. I developed this system a few years back. I had borrowed a set of “bubble Bags” from a friend and twice made “water/bubble” hash with them. At 1st I really thought that they were great, 5 gal pail, a bag of ice and a drill with a paint mixer attachment. seemed easy and got quite a bit of hash in return. Shortly after useing the bags I began to wonder how it worked, resin like sap is heavier than water and green matter floats. seemed basic enough. then I thought “Do I even need the bags to do this”. the answer I discovered was, no.
Here is how I make “water/bubble” hash. Take a jar, fill 3/4 with icy water(almost crystalized) put in trimmings, then shake the hell out of it for 30 seconds. Set the jar down and watch the magic happen. Within 5 mins all the green matter is floating on top, and the bottom is covered in golden trichs! Scoop off the green matter (which you can 2nd wash if you want), keep gently adding water untill all the green matter flows off the top. Now take a coffee filter and run the whole jar through it. Once the water passes through the filter just put on flat surface and scrape the hash off the filter. let dry and you are done.
I have now done this 15-20 times and have learned a few tips but basicly the best way in my opinion.
In 5 days when I make the next batch I will take a series of pics to demonstrate the process. I will also post some pics shortly on what I got from the batch I did last night.
Hope this info helps,
Oh yeah,wait until the hash is just cool enough to handle. Nothing like a scalding resin stuck to your skin.

I used a silk screen that was about 6″ X 8″, with nylon screen material and a wooden frame (very similar to the one you have pictured in your post). I got it from a supply house via Amazon. I use an ordinary, non-stick, cookie sheet to catch the trichomes. I use my old plastic Kiss Army membership card to scrape the powder together when I am finished.

I want use a silk screen to filter my tric's. Would any kind of silk screen work or do I need to use something specific. I was looking at one from amazon…