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shiskaberry weed

Shiskaberry weed

It exudes a penetrating aroma combining earthy, spicy notes with red fruits and a flavour that lingers on the palate.

It forms short, strong but flexible branches, surrounding a large central cola, with the whole plant assuming a conical and bushy appearance.
Its buds are dense and heavy, loaded with shiny white resin, perfect for making cannabis concentrates.

Shiskaberry is a feminised variety from Barney’s Farm with an intense and penetrating aroma and a well-balanced cerebral and physical effect, now available at
Ready to cut after 8-9 weeks of flowering, Shiskaberry reaches a maximum height of 1.2m indoors and can produce up to 2Kg per plant when grown outdoors directly in the ground.
This is a hybrid of a selection of Marijuana Blueberry and an Afghani landrace, stabilised to fix the best features in the majority of phenotypes.
It is very resistant to mould and high humidity, and is also easy to grow.
The resulting plants have a typical Indica structure, shrubby and compact, developing more in width than in height.

Its effect is jolly and sociable, perfect for chatting with friends, later evolving towards a pleasant relaxing vibe, plunging us into a sensation of profound well-being.

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